Local Dimming Technology revolutionises surgical imaging : Brighter, clearer and more accurate image reproduction

Sony’s unique Local Dimming Technology provides precise control over LED lighting sources for backlights in both light and dark areas. The outcome is exceptional clarity for surgical procedures, providing accurate reproduction of original images.

Sony’s medical monitors showing how local diming technology works

How does it work?

The reproducibility of black is improved thanks to an individual drive of different areas of the backlight. An excellent “peak brightness” of up to 1750 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1.000.000:1 is achieved by adding the power that is saved in the dark area to be put on top of the bright area.

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Wide Colour Gamut for accurate colour reproduction

The Local Dimming technology allows for exceeding the boundaries of illumination, whereas conventional LCD monitors have a constant global backlight.

With Sony’s Local Dimming technology, colours can be clearly seen even in dark areas, while conventional monitors without Local Dimming may not reproduce the colours correctly.

A comparison image of typical LCD monitor and LCD monitor with local dimming

Benefit for medical application

The following image shows the difference among three types of displays. One with a regular backlight (left), another with Local Dimming technology in regular mode (middle), and the third one when changing to HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) which is part of the BT.2100 standard for HDR signal reproduction.

A comparison images with regular backlight and local dimming
Surgeons are doing endoscopy and using Sony’s surgical monitor

More accurate view

Excellent colour and high contrast of original images help surgeons and OR staff see more details of complex surgical procedures and make it perfectly suited for surgical microscopy, endoscopy, hospital imaging, and more.

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