New firmware and software for Sony professional video monitors

Extend the capabilities of your Sony professional hardware with the latest firmware and software updates.

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PVM-X3200/X2400/X1800 V4.00 Firmware

Upgrade is free of charge and available. If your PVM-X2400 monitor or PVM-X1800 monitor software version is currently Ver.1.03, you must update to Ver.1.04 first

New features and improvements:

  • Embedded Audio/Time code over an Enhanced Monitor Output signal (Optional PVML License required)
  • Support for optional PVML-TDX1 3D LUT Baked Output License
  • Support for optional PVML-SCX1 Signal Conversion Output License
  • IMD
  • Closed Caption
  • Chroma up
  • Grid Display
  • Parallel remote
  • Improvement of OSD Menu response (Quicker response than V3.01 or before)

Get the PVM-X3200 V4.0 firmware here >
Get the PVM-X2400 V4.0 firmware here >
Get the PVM-X1800 V4.0 firmware here >

Get the PVM-X2400 V1.04 firmware here >
Get the PVM-X1800 V1.04 firmware here >


LMD-A240/A220/A170 V3.1

LMD-A240/A220/A170 V3.1

Upgrade is free of charge and available.

New features and improvements:

  • Line doubler
  • Screen Saver


Your monitor must be V1.10 or later before updating to V3.10.
When the software version is V1.00, contact the Sony service representative, your Sony representative or an authorised Sony dealer.

Get the new LMD-A240 V3.1 firmware here >
Get the new LMD-A220 V3.1 firmware here >
Get the new LMD-A170 V3.1 firmware here >


BVM-E251 and BVM-E171 V1.1

Upgrade is free of charge and available as of September 2017.

New features and improvements:

  • DC operation with DC low power indicator
  • Accepts computer signals via HDMI with RGB/YCC full range support
  • HDR*

*BVM-E171 only and requires optional HDR monitoring licence BVML-HE171.

Get the new BVM-E251 firmware here >
Get the new BVM-E171 firmware here >

BVM-E251 and BVM-E171 V1.1 monitor

BVM, PVM and LMD series: Monitor Auto White Adjustment

Monitor Auto White Adjustment is a PC software application for measuring and adjusting the colour temperature and luminance of a monitor. It can be used with eleven of the most popular colour analyser probes available on the market. Refer to the user guide and ReadMe file for further information.

Auto White Adjustment V1.8 >

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