PXW-Z450 : System V4.01 + Network Function V3.25

  • Version: 4.01
  • Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sony is offering a system software update for Solid-State Memory Camcorder “PXW-Z450”


Applicable model

Solid-State Memory Camcorder “PXW-Z450”


Applicable system software version

The applicable products are with the system software version “Ver.3.00”.

(Please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product.)

After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.4.01”.


Contents of update

1.SDI Quad Link 2SI Level-A output support

2.Interval Rec function support during 4K(QFHD) recording

3.S-Gamut3/S-Gamut3.Cine color space support

4.Support for Pure mode for ATW (auto tracing white balance)

5.Slow & Quick Motion assignable switch registration

6.Loading of planning metadata from an SDXC card

7.Function improvements in network client mode

8.Improvements to Flash Band Reduce function

Applies to:
Item: PXW-Z450 : System V4.01 + Network Function V3.25
Size: 213,716,221 Byte
Info: PXW-Z450_Z580_V401_3_2018-07-18_04-32-16_firmware_SSB.bin / PXW-Z450_Z580_V401_3_2018-07-18_04-32-16_firmware_SSB.md5 / WA_firmware_3.25_4151.f.bin / WA_firmware_3.25_4151.f.md5 / PXW-Z450_Z580_V4.01_ReleaseNote.pdf / VerUpOM(CS).pdf / VerUpOM(DE).pdf / VerUpOM(ES).pdf / VerUpOM(FR).pdf / VerUpOM(GB).pdf / VerUpOM(IT).pdf / VerUpOM(JP).pdf / VerUpOM(RU).pdf / Readme.txt / *md5/Hash Data:Data to check that the downloaded file is correct. It is not used for updating.

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