Easy, flexible installation for outdoor use

Ideal for outdoor use, the SNC-EB632R/EB602R offers easy installation with flexible viewing angle adjustment, together with water and dust-proofing that meets IP66 requirements.

Simplified cable management

Storage space inside the camera base is increased compared with previous-generation bullet camera models. This allows room to accommodate an Ethernet cable and connector, eliminating the need for an additional adaptor box and reducing installation costs.


Unique camera arm design

The camera’s mounting arm has a three-axis adjustment feature. With the camera is installed on the ceiling, the field of view can be adjusted precisely by moving the camera unit in both a horizontal and vertical direction, while the ball joint structure allows rotation.

This unique camera arm design means that viewing angles can be set quickly and easily without requiring an additional bracket. TORX screws are used to lock the three parts of the camera (unit, arm and base) securely in place.

[1] Camera angle adjustment in a horizontal direction

[2] Camera angle adjustment in a vertical direction

[3] Camera angle adjustment in a rotational direction: Useful if the ceiling is out of the horizontal

Adjustable sunshade

The integrated sunshade is adjustable over a range of 20mm (longitudinally) to protect the lens from direct sun glare. This makes the camera particularly suitable for outdoor use in direct sunlight. It also helps protect the lens cover from rain drops and splashes that can degrade picture quality.

[1] Adjustable over a range of 20mm

Control panel for onsite camera settings

The control panel is located inside the camera housing and can be operated by removing the front cover. Users can adjust the camera’s field of view without connecting the camera to a network, confirming the final angle settings on site. This feature is extremely convenient when the camera is installed in challenging circumstances, such as on top of a high pole.

Installers can assess viewing angles with the camera in situ, using the control panel to adjust accordingly. There’s no need to wait until returning to the control room to make further adjustments, thus avoiding additional labour costs for return visits.

As the camera complies with IP66 standards, control functions are unaffected by rain or dust.

Protected parts include Easy Zoom/Easy Focus buttons for quick zoom/focus adjustment, a monitor output jack for viewing on analogue video monitors, and an NTSC/PAL selectable switch.

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