Crystal LED BH and CH-series

The latest generation of Crystal LED premium displays from Sony makes the appeal of super-size LED video walls even more accessible. See the bigger picture with spectacularly bright, richly colored images, easier installation, and simplified maintenance.

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Premium super-size images, even in bright environments

From corporate entrances and lobbies to retail showrooms BH-series delivers impressively big, bright images bursting with rich vibrant colour, even in brightly lit spaces.

Harnessing latest advances in Sony’s high-efficiency LED driver technology, BH-series fills the room with an extraordinary 1,700 cd/m2 of brightness – more than double that of other high-end LED displays. It’s complemented by an anti-reflection coating on each display panel that prevents ambient light bounce-back under harsh illumination or sunlight. It all adds up to a phenomenal viewing experience that your audience won’t forget.

Very high brightness

BH-series delivers an attention-grabbing brightness of 1,700 cd/m2 – over twice as bright as other premium displays.

Extraordinary colours

Advanced Sony LED driver technology enables an extra-wide colour gamut. You’ll see the difference, even in bright viewing conditions.

Glare-free viewing

Each display panel features an advanced anti-reflection coating that dramatically reduces glare from ambient lighting.

Discover our Crystal LED CH/BH-series

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Immersive visual experiences with more depth and colour

Two secrets of creating truly immersive images are bright, vibrant colours and deep black levels that bring more contrast, depth, and texture to faces and other on-screen objects.

Sony’s unique surface treatment technology, Deep Black Coating, and huge black area in display by using super fine led have achieved the outstanding black level. This unique surface treatment technology enables our Crystal LED displays achieve outstanding black levels – superior to other high-end LED video walls. Coupled with the display’s extra-wide colour gamut, audiences will love being pulled into richly immersive images.

Deepest black levels

Get a truly immersive viewing experience with Sony’s unique Deep Black Coating surface treatment technology.

Extraordinary colours

Advanced Sony LED driver technology enables an extra-wide colour gamut. See the difference, even in bright viewing conditions.

Accurate, natural, smoothly graduated colors

True-to-life, smoothly graduated colors are a must-have for critical viewing applications like movie/TV content production as well as automotive design and industrial product development.

BH and CH-series reproduce colour gradations with immense accuracy, using 22-bit Super Bit Mapping – Sony’s unique colour mapping process enabled by the power-packed X1 for Crystal LED picture processor. You’ll see the difference with smooth, natural colour transitions and faithful reproduction of subtle tones in dark scenes – something conventional LED displays struggle to achieve.

composite image of the X1 logo and side by side photos showing differences in resolution with and without X1
Amazing images with any content

Lower-resolution content – like archive footage or video captured with network cameras – doesn’t often look its best when it’s displayed on a large LED screen. Images can look grainy and pixilated, while fast movements can be blurry and uncomfortable to watch on a big display.

BH and CH-series harness advanced 4K 120Hz driver technology, together with real-time image enhancement features powered by Sony’s X1 for Crystal LED picture processor. Every video frame is individually analyzed and optimized to ensure content looks crisp and super-smooth, even if it wasn’t originally shot for large-scale display.

Every detail clear

Reality Creation upscales and optimises lower-quality content to near 4K resolution for crisp, natural big-screen viewing.

Smooth movement

Motionflow inserts additional video frames, ensuring smoother, sharper detail in fast-moving sequences.

NB: Reality Creation and Motionflow features may not operate when total Crystal LED display resolution is over 4K, and multiple display controllers are used.

Uniform images with wide viewing angle and natural colour

Reliably producing seamless, extra-large images with a wide viewing angle and minimal colour shifting are big challenges with any LED display technology. Sony BH and CH-series deliver a spectacularly immersive, totally seamless visual experience with an extra-wide viewing angle and no unnatural color shifts.

image of corporate lobby with two large screens showing bright images
Uniform colour at all angles

Super fine LED and Sony’s unique coating technology reduce colour shifting when the display is viewed from any angle.

Always seamless images

Modules are factory preassembled and calibrated to ensure quick, precise installation.

Consistently precise colour

Colour adjustment* is simplified with our auto adjustment tool using a Sony Alpha camera.

*Colour adjustment available via future firmware update.

Easy installation, less maintenance

We’ve designed latest generation BH and CH-series to be even easier to install and maintain in a wide range of environments – from corporate boardrooms to entrance lobbies, showrooms, and retail stores.

image of a LED product with the front panels removed
Designed with intelligence

Newly designed cabinets are thin and light, broadening options for installation in spaces with limited depth or weight restrictions.

Rapid installation

With fewer parts to assemble, on-site installation time is dramatically reduced, further cutting integration costs.

Simpler maintenance

All system components and cabling are accessible from the front, simplifying installation and maintenance where there’s no rear access.

LED Walls for every space
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LED Walls for Corporate

Present a more professional image to visitors and staff in lobbies, entrances, and boardrooms.

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LED Walls for Visitor Attraction’s

Take visitors engagement to the next level with vibrant, bright, colourful displays.

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Image of a car show room with a large screen showing a car on it
LED Walls for Manufacturing and Automotive

Visualize new products at life size with extraordinary colour, clarity, and realism.

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CLED wall film background in video production studio
Virtual Production

Create virtual production sets for filmmaking without limits.

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Our BH and CH-series Products


The ZRCT-300 is a dedicated display controller for Sony’s modular Micro LED large display system.

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Sony ZRCT-1000 control panel for LED video walls
ZRA-T1 and ZRA-R1 Product image


Optical transmitter.

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Optical receiver.

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LED Configuration Tool

Use our interactive tool to configure your video wall to the exact dimensions you need and export the ruts in a PDF. IE not supported.

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Image of desktop PC with screen form configurator tool
Bravia screen showing software support information

Display Control Software

Display Control Software (DCS) for ZRCT-300 is a Windows application for controlling display controllers (ZRCT-300) and display cabinets connected to display controllers.

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