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Big-screen images that audiences adore

FINITY is the complete solution from Sony for Premium Large Format (PLF) screens. Combining our high-brightness 4K projectors with powerful in-cinema branding, it’s the key to unforgettable big-screen movie experiences – and bigger profits for theatre owners.

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Awesome entertainment

FINITY brings cinema audiences extraordinary images on PLF screens from 12m right up to 23m. Our high-brightness dual projection systems offer detail-packed 4K as standard and industry-leading contrast ratio up to 10,000:1 for true-to-life pictures with no visible pixels.

Smooth, satisfying 3D

Switch quickly and easily to uniquely smooth, easy 3D with no need for tricky lens swaps. Unlike ‘triple flash’ systems, FINITY projects continuous Left and Right images for an immersive, natural 3D experience that’s wonderfully easy on the eye.

The choice is yours

Our reliable high-brightness 4K projection solutions cater for every cinema’s operating needs. Our lamp projectors feature an innovative HPM multi-lamp array that delivers excellent brightness and image quality with lowered running costs, while our laser projectors deliver industry-leading contrast ratio and effectively eliminate the need for frequent lamp replacement. But whether you choose laser or lamp, each FINITY projection system delivers big, beautiful images, bursting with rich 4K detail, colour and contrast.

Deliver a clear message

We’ll help you engage audiences with a full suite of FINITY promotional materials for your cinema, from eye-grabbing on-screen splashes to signage, PoS and posters. We can also help you spread the word via social media and targetted PR.

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