Powerful multi-media matrix mixer
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The comprehensive audio presentation solution in a single device

The SRP-X700 combines the processing features of up to seven tradition A/V presentation devices in a compact device. Through the use of advanced digital signal processing and PC interfacing, the SRP-X700 provides the simple to use solution for managing even complex multi-media presentation systems.

Save space, cost and complexity

The SRP-X700 is only 132mm high (supplied in 19" rack mounting format) and contains the functions of 7 traditional AV presentation processors. The unit provides a highly comprehensive solution for the technical management of presentations, with the major benefits of small equipment space, no complex wiring and lower costs.

Simple to install and operate

The SRP-X700 is set up and operated using a combination of front panel controls, two PC applications (User and Set Up) and various control ports. The front panel provides a set of simple faders and switches for instant control. One of the PC applications provides 'set and forget' control for the units processing functions, while the second application give for basic User control. In addition, SRP-X700 can be integrated into virtually any presentation system using its parallel and serial control ports.

Trouble free microphone amplification

The SRP-X700 provides extensive audio processing tools, allowing the highest quality microphone amplification even in challenging environments. In particular the SRP-X700 can eliminate 'howl round' (acoustic feedback caused by microphone amplification). Further tools provide for enhancements to sound quality with a full set of EQ, compression, limiting, mixing and programmable delays.

Able to handle 'modern' presentation material

The modern presentation system needs to manage DVD playback, PC graphics and video display material, and there is an expectation to have wireless microphones. The SRP-X700 has been designed to provide a simple solution for these three modern functions, including surround sound matrix switching, remote projector control and slots for WRU-806 wireless modules.

Improved system flexibility and efficiency by the use of digital processing

The SRP-X700's internal processing can be recalled from 20, internally stored, Scene memories, four of which can be directly recalled from front panel buttons. This allows an instant re-set of all of the device's audio and matrix switching functions, so removing downtime between different operating modes. The facility manager can be confident that each recall will be digitally prefect, so further enhancing the performance of the complete presentation system.


Six into one, multi-media matrix switcher

The SRP-X700 has a 'six into one' matrix switcher that allows a wide range of audio, video and PC graphics material to be switched from source devices to the presentation system. The SRP-X700 is able to handle modern presentation material such as PC graphics and DVD video and surround sound audio. The 'six into one' matrix size mean that the SRP-X700 can handle switching in medium to large scale presentation systems

14 channel audio mixing with extensive processing to maximise sound quality

The SRP-X700 can mix and process a total of 14 mono inputs signals (six microphones, a stereo line and the six channel output of the matrix switcher) to 10 outputs (8 general purpose outputs and a stereo record output). Comprehensive audio processing, such as EQ, dynamics, routing and programmable delay, allows the various audio sources to be balanced and enhanced to match the acoustics of the presentation venue.

On board 'feedback reducer' and automixer.

Two special audio processing tools are included to allow 'professional quality audio' processing to be setup at the touch of a button. The 'feedback reducer' works by analysing room acoustics and 'nulling out' potential howl round frequencies. The Automix function allows the SRP-X700 to provide real time analysis of incoming signals and make adjustments to maintain the quality of the output.

Multiple operating modes with 10 outputs and the on board stereo power amplifier

A routing function allows the SRP-X700 to offer many different operating mode to support surround sound matrix switching or 'Zoned' speakers. In addition there is an on board 150W stereo power amplifier can be switched between high and low impedance modes.

Integrated Machine control and automation control interfacing

The SRP-X700 has extensive machine control capabilities with four CRTL-S control port (allowing a wired machine control interface to Sony CD, MD and VTRs), these can be flexibly assigned to the six matrix inputs. A parallel GPI interface can be assigned to simple control integration, additionally a serial RS-232 control port provide extensive control from professional presentation controllers. The 'one touch' function of the SRP-X700 means that it can provide a serial control signal to switch popular Sony projectors between accepting Composite and RGB formatted signals, so providing the minimum of disruption to the display signal.

Integrated wireless receiver module slots

Wireless technology is attractive in presentation systems as it simplifies installations and frees the presenters from being physically connected to the system by cables. Up to two WRU-806B, Sony wireless receiver modules, can be directly installed into the SRP-X700. Making it simple to integrate a high quality Sony wireless system into the presentation system. Sony has a full range of transmitters and antenna products to complete the wireless system, including handheld microphones (for example WRT-807), lapel microphone system (ECM-166 with WRT-805) and headsets (ECM-310 with WRT-805).

'One Touch' projector input format switching

The SRP-X700 can remotely control the selected input format of popular Sony projectors and Flat screen monitor displays, through either a serial or CRTL-S connector. This function allows the complete system to switch from displaying composite, component and PC graphics. It works by the SRP-X700 sending out a command signal based on the selected matrix input source. Applicable display products include: Sony VPL-FX50/PX31/PX21/PX15/PX10/ PS10/CX10/CS10.


Composite System
Colour System
Frequency Response
50Hz - 10Mhz
Component Video
Colour System
Frequency Response
50Hz - 10Mhz
Y - 1Vp-p (75Ohm)
1,280 x 1,024, 60Hz (SXGA)
G - 0.7Vp-p
Sync HD/VD
1-5V (47kohm)
Frequency Response
50Hz - 150Mhz
Audio (line in to out)
Frequency Response
20Hz -20kHz
Less than 0.01% (1kHz)
S/N Ratio
More than 102dB
Less than -90dB (1kHz)
Power Consumption
482 (w) x 132 (h) x 350(d) mm
15Kg (approx)
Power Requirements
230V AC 50/60Hz
Supplied Accessories
Software CD-Rom
SRP-X700P Manager Application
SRP-X700P User Application
Software Manual
IR Transmitter

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