High-resolution wide conversion lens
Image of the following product: VCL-HG0737K


The VCL-HG0737K is a 0.7 x wide conversion lens kit for the Sony HVR-HD1000E and PMW-100 camcorders. This kit is supplied in standard package of PMW-100 camcorder and it’s an option for HVR-HD1000E. This kit consists of the lens, large lens hood and protective carry case. The VCL-HG0737K enhances your creative options by widening the field of view for small spaces and moving camera applications.

The lens hood is quickly and easily attached to the camcorder using a standard bayonet mount giving you extra flexibility to change your shooting style and provides effective protection against halation whilst also enhancing the professional look of the HVR-HD1000E and PMW-100.