Maximum quality, moderate bitrates

The power of 16 bits

The world of digital cinematography is changing. Distribution channels are increasingly calling for 4K resolution, high frame rates, wide colour gamut and high dynamic range – all of which are data intensive. Yet productions still require reasonable transfer times and affordable storage, not to mention long camera loads.

Introducing X-OCN (eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative). By combining superlative 16-bit precision with surprisingly moderate bit rates, X-OCN opens up powerful new production possibilities. Like other codecs, X-OCN produces file sizes much smaller than typical camera RAW, but unlike conventional codecs, X-OCN offers 16-bit scene linear encoding. So you get the ultimate in tonal expression, longer record times, faster file transfers and more economical post-production.

Supported by our PMW-F55/F5 camcorders and AXS-R7 portable memory recorder, X-OCN is the ideal choice in the file-based HDR production workflow when using an advanced specification transfer function such as ST 2084 (PQ).

High Frame Rates

As distribution channels migrate toward High Frame Rates, X-OCN is prepared. You can capture incredible 4K at up to 120 FPS, with no sacrifice in resolution, no line skipping. Need even more? X-OCN enables 2K capture at up to 240 FPS. That’s 10x super slow motion playback at 24p.

Non-destructive recording

Instead of baking in your settings for exposure index, colour space, LUTs, gamma, log and others, X-OCN captures these parameters as monitoring settings. This process is completely non-destructive, delivering the full potential of the original sensor data into post-production. As a result, your colourist and editor are empowered with far greater decision-making flexibility than is possible with conventional video.

Smaller files, longer record times

At the heart of X-OCN is a unique algorithm, tuned for the F55 and F5 sensors. As a result, you get substantially smaller file sizes than typical RAW. This means longer recording times, faster transfer times, and post-production workflows that are far more cost-effective.

At the highest 4K picture quality, X-OCN ST (standard) has 40% longer recording time and roughly 30% shorter file transfer time than Sony F55RAW. The advantages for X-OCN LT (light) are greater still: 136% longer recording time and roughly 59% shorter file transfer time. Recording onto 1 TB cards, you can capture up to 168 minutes of content at the highest resolution (4K) and highest quality (ST mode).

Easy to work with

While some file structures can be complex, X-OCN brings audio and video in a single simple file, which uses the same MXF Operational Pattern 1a (OP1a) data structure that is well standardised throughout the industry.

And to establish broad industry support for the format, we’ve distributed a Software Development Kit licensing program to an extensive list of third-party workflow vendors, including DaVinci Resolve, FilmLight Baselight system, OSD Colorfront system, Assimilate SCRATCH, Autodesk Flame and Smoke system and Sony RAW Viewer.

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