BVF-55 (BVF55)Discontinued

Viewfinder for ENG cameras

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Black and white 5 inch CRT viewfinder
The Sony BVF-55 is a broadcast ENG viewfinder for widescreen cameras and camcorders such as the BVP-550. The 5-inch CRT is very high resolution and provides the needed detail for proper shot composition and critical focus.
High resolution images
makes it easier for the operator to focus and compose the picture.


High resolution images
The higher the resolution the easier the operator will be able to focus and compose the picture. The BVF-55 uses a black and white CRT that displays 650 horizontal lines.
Two colour tally system
This viewfinder was designed to be used in professional studio environments. It is capable of displaying both green and red tally lights for complex production scenarios.
Custom positioning
The BVF-55 can be positioned for operators of any size. The viewfinder can be tilted upwards or downwards up to 40 degrees. It also has 90 degree pan angle left and right.