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Eye surgery in India

Sony has provided future-proof, scalable Full HD camera technologies for three eye hospitals in India – to ensure their world-renowned ophthalmic surgeons can continue to deliver award-winning eye treatments to their patients.

Drishiti Eye Institute, Dehradun

One of India’s leading eye hospitals, Drishti Eye Institute in Dehradun specialises in fields such as cataracts, glaucoma and laser-eye surgery.

Dr Gaurav Luthra tells us about the importance of keeping up with the very latest trends and skills in eye surgery, and he thanks Sony India for their help to enhance and improve the doctors’ daily work.

“With the rapid pace of developments in surgical skill and technology, it becomes imperative to increase awareness and transfer skill to the fraternity. Sony’s PMW-10MD has been a great support,” Dr Luthra explains.

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T.N Shukla Eye Hospital, Jabalpur

Offering the highest level of ophthalmic care and dealing with a complete range of ocular problems for over 12 years, the T.N Shukla Eye Hospital in Jabalpur is part of a 40-year-old institution.

Dr Rahul Shukla and Dr Himanshu Shukla are world-renowned doctors, performing ground-breaking eye surgeries every day. With the help of our PMW-10MD, Dr Himanshu Shukla successfully completed one of the most difficult retina surgeries – ‘macular hole surgery’ three times in a row.

“It’s a dream of any ophthalmologist to showcase his surgeries to the outer world in high definition,” said Dr Rahul Shukla. “Sony’s PMW-10MD was the best for the job. Thank you Sony for being a partner in our mission.”

Dr Virendra Laser, Phaco Surgery Centre, Jaipur

Committed to offering the best and very latest in eye-care facilities to their patients, Dr Virendra Laser Phaco Surgery Centre in Jaipur provides services in almost all sub-specialities in eye care. The hospital attends to patients who need refractive procedures, cataract surgery and squint treatment. It also offers services in cornea treatments and glaucoma.

“Sony’s PWM-10MD allows us to share our expertise and knowledge of the technologies – ensuring more and more people can benefit from it, explains Dr Virendra Agrawal. “The PMW-10MD has all the features under the sun – like solid state recording, special shooting modes and most impressively, the freedom to focus on the live surgery itself.”

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To find out more about how Sony are advancing hospitals like these into the future, please contact us for more information – and a Sony Specialist will be happy to talk you through your requirements.

Together, we can continue to provide leading institutions with the very latest advances in medical care.

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