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FX9 Live Performance Shoot with Sody

Behind the scenes on an ambitious shoot.

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FX9 First Impressions

Filmmakers share their thoughts on new full frame camcorder.

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FS7 II visualizes the Sound of Kyoto

Inspiring audiovisual portrait of Japan’s cultural capital.

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Shooting with FS5 II and ATOMOS in Norway

Filmmaker Mohamed El Sehrawy shoots 4K HDR with RAW output.

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Sarah Stevenson shoots with Z280

Documentary maker explains appeal of 4K handheld camcorder.

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FS7 II shoots 4K HDR inside world's largest cave

Behind the scenes with challenging documentary.


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Shooting scenarios with Nicholas Takeyama

Tips on essential accessories and how to shoot impactful portraits and product shots.

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Shooting video tips

Ten videos by Den Lennie cover everything from exposure basics to Variable ND.

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Shooting great content for YouTube

Film-maker Den Lennie’s tips for cinematic results without a big crew.

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Filming tips for better wedding videos

Shooting techniques by Philip White.

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FS5 shooting tips

Part one of Alister Chapman’s expert camcorder advice.

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FS5 RAW shooting tips

Alister Chapman explains why RAW is a big deal for Sony’s PXW-FS5.

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