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Bring your art to life on screen. Leave audiences breathless with colours, sound and stories they’ve never experienced before.

Beautiful cinematography, from set to screen

Be sure your images reflect your artistic vision, perfectly preserved from the set to the grading suite. Capture the finest details and subtlest skin tones. Paint with more colours, depth and dynamic range. Our CineAlta cameras are created by cinematographers, for cinematographers, while our monitors give you a true picture of your art.

Cinematographer Adriano Goldman BSC, ASC, ABC has won multiple awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on The Crown. In the above interview, he reveals how he approached shooting the acclaimed Disney+ series; Star Wars: Andor – a prequel to Rogue One (2016). This is part of our Scene Deconstruction series where world-leading cinematographers reveal the secrets of key scenes they’ve shot.

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Creative flexibility and phenomenal full-frame shooting

Explore your craft freely, with a camera designed for creative flexibility at every stage of production. VENICE uses a 6K full-frame sensor to capture stunning colours, details, skin tones and dynamic range—with more freedom then Super35 and the ability to output almost any aspect ratio. What’s more, you can enjoy your choice of cinema lenses, with PL and E-mount options, as well as anamorphic support.

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Award-winning cinematographer Caroline Champetier AFC delivered a visual tour de force with the unique, visionary musical Annette. Discover how she used VENICE to shape the atmosphere and mood of the film.

Designed for versatility and shooting anywhere

Shoot in almost any space, with complete control. Our CBK-3610XS extension system for VENICE lets you separate the sensor block from the body, giving you flexibility with how and where you mount the camera. Work in tight spaces, for more intimate shots. Or go handheld, with less weight to carry. We’ve also added remote control capability, so operators and focus pullers can apply their skills, however you decide to shoot.

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8K X-OCN Test Files

A selection of test footage clips from nine scenes shot in and around Copenhagen with VENICE 2 using 8.6K sensor.

Incredible colours with consistency from one end of your workflow to the other

Work with rich colours and subtle skintones, whether you’re a cinematographer or a colourist. Our VENICE cinema camera can shoot in ProRes, XAVC or RAW, as well as our own 16-bit X-OCN format. Every one of our cinema tools is built for precise colour reproduction, without compromising your workflow. And no matter how you shoot or record, our monitors are engineered to precisely display all of the colours captured, whether you are on set or in a grading suite.

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X-OCN: A format built for cinema quality and practical handling

Increase your creative options without slowing down your workflow. We created X-OCN specifically for cinema productions. Enjoy incredible 16-bit colour detail, with smaller files than RAW shooting and far lower bitrates. Back-up quickly, shoot for longer and know you have more flexibility in post-production. In the meantime, our PVM-X monitors can show you how final grades might look, with the option to apply LUTs when you review footage.

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