Add video streaming to NUCLeUS™ with no-cost Broadcast Pro+ licence offer plus free technical support

Hospitals equipped with our NUCLeUS platform can enable the optional Broadcast feature with this 6-month no cost license offer. Allowing video data to be streamed across the hospital, it’s a flexible solution for adding greater remote patient monitoring capacity in ORs and ICUs.

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Expand remote patient monitoring capabilities with NUCLeUS

In response to increased demand for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) capacity, many hospitals are converting Operating Rooms into temporary ICUs to make use of the OR’s ventilators and vital sign monitors. At this extremely busy time we are offering a no-cost Broadcast Pro+ licence for hospitals that are already using our NUCLeUS video-over-IP platform. Valid for 6 months, this broadcast feature allows video data to be streamed from the ICU or OR, enabling clinical teams to monitor patients remotely without direct physical interaction.

Here are two ways this Broadcast license offer can help hospitals improve patient monitoring facilities, reduce infection risks for hospital staff and allow clinical teams to oversee more patients:

Converting ORs to secure temporary ICUs

NUCLeUS manages the distribution and display of video data including vital signs within the Operating Room.

Adding the Broadcast feature to NUCLeUS allows the OR to be repurposed as a secure ICU, with any video data to be streamed to clinicians and nursing staff outside the OR.

This enables clinical teams to monitor more patients without the need to always be physically present, reducing the time and frequency of close contact.

Adding remote patient monitoring to existing ICUs

With most routine surgeries currently cancelled, hospitals’ NUCLeUS systems installed in Operating Rooms may be currently unused. System elements – such as IP transmitters connected to an endoscopic camera stack – can be removed from the OR and connected to vital signs monitoring systems in an ICU instead.

With the Broadcast feature enabled, this allows patient-related video data to be streamed to clinical and nursing staff outside the ICU, reducing close contact with patients and helping manage infection risks.

Advantages of remote patient monitoring

• Clinicians and nurses can monitor patients more frequently without wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Clinicians and nurses can monitor patients more frequently without wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

• Risk of infection for clinical teams is reduced due to lowered direct patient exposure

• Clinical teams’ reliance on PPE for patient monitoring is reduced, allowing deployment in other hospital areas

• Clinical staff can monitor and treat greater number of patients

Taking the next step – how we can help

Hospitals wanting to take advantage of this Broadcast Pro+ streaming license offer plus technical support should contact Sony healthcare or their system integration partner.

On request we will provide 6-month Broadcast Pro+ software licence at no cost to help hospitals optimise efficient use of their existing NUCLeUS systems. In addition we will reconfigure NUCLeUS remotely to allow data and video streaming from the OR or ICU, with no need for any on-site visits. We’ll also provide remote technical support to help hospitals use the Broadcast streaming feature.

At this time we are pleased to discuss other requirements, including the temporary loan of NUCLeUS devices to meet specific patient monitoring needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information.

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