Managing your assets: The expert view

What does your workflow look like? We gathered some fascinating industry insights from leading programme makers in an expert round table session hosted by Jake Bickerton, Content Director at Televisual.

Making sense of today’s workflow challenge

An effective media asset management strategy is a vital part of any content creator’s workflow.

In today’s 4K, multi-platform world, programme making means higher video resolutions, bigger files – and more content. And that means looking after all those assets through a project’s lifecycle can be a challenge for large and smaller production companies alike.

In a rountable session hosted at London’s Hospital Club, Televisual Content Director Jake Bickerton invited a group of highly experienced broadcast and corporate filmmakers to discuss their production workflows. Sponsored by Sony, the lively session pinpointed the issues – and solutions – associated with managing the wide range of assets created on a typical shoot.

The full round table

  • Jake Bickerton is Content Director at Televisual. He’s also an experienced writer, journalist and Soho-trained editor
  • Dan Gable is Director at content collective Sprat, creating music videos, commercials and web videos for leading artists and brands
  • Brian Woods is Head Boy at True Vision, specialising in character-led narratives that entertain, inform and educate
  • Andy Attenburrow is Director/Editor at Bristol-based Testimony Films, an award-winning producer of social history documentaries
  • Nic Kemp is an experienced workflow consultant, working closely with production companies to optimise their workflow potential
  • Mike Saunders is Director/Editor at marketing film specialists Propergander: he also runs post production company DDF Post
  • Steve Warr is MD at Raw Cut, known for long-running blue light series Police Interceptors and Road Wars plus documentary and history features

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