Chinese university invests in Sony 4K to train future content producers

Over 100 Sony camcorders, including 70 PXW-FS5 Super 35mm camcorders, purchased by Sichuan University of Media and Communications (SCMC).

Sichuan University of Media and Communications (SCMC), is located in the high-tech development area of Chengdu with a student population of over 20,000 and a degree programme focused on Journalism, TV & Film, Design and Digital Media. Many of its graduates go onto careers at employers such as China Central Television (CCTV), China National Radio (CNR), provincial and municipal TV stations and other media companies.

To help train the next generation of content producers, the university recently invested in over 100 Sony 4K cameras. Sony Professional Solutions China (PSC), which works in close partnership with SCMC, also plans a dedicated 4K HD facility at the institution.

The bulk of SCMC’s order comprises no less than 70 PXW-FS5 camcorders, the lightweight but robust Super 35mm 4K camcorder developed by Sony for handheld ‘grab and shoot’ operation.

The order also includes 20 α7S professional full-frame cameras, five α7 II cameras, five PMW-F55 digital cinematography camcorders and one PXW-FS7K.

This impressive investment in Sony equipment was in part sparked by an initial purchase of α7 II cameras which garnered positive feedback from students and teachers alike.

Training for 4K Garden content service platform

SCMC and Sony have jointly organised initial hands-on training sessions with the Sony 4K equipment for both staff and students.

“Sichuan University of Media and Communications is not just an important customer of Sony, but also a friend and a family member,” commented Moriharu Ide, President of Sony Professional Solutions China (PSC). “As friends, they have provided us with countless pertinent suggestions, allowing us to reach the next level. As family, we share a common goal and have both continued to develop step by step in our respective fields.”

Zhang Shuyu, Vice President of SCMC, said: “The 100 camcorders and three Anycast Touch live content producers purchased by the university bring the education sector a step closer to the 4K industry and testify to Sony’s immense on-going commitment to the 4K domain. Experience tells us that technical expertise is the driving force behind development and Sony provides a complete solution that gives customers both reassurance and reliability. As times change and technology improves, our industry can only move forward if we immerse ourselves in science and technology.”

One example of the importance of 4K to the university and China’s broader media market is a SCMC programme to find outstanding students to join Sony’s partner Alibaba and work on its 4K Garden content service platform, recently launched by subsidiary Youku-Tudou.

Interviewee job titles correct at the time of interview.


Grab and shoot with Sony’s entry-level 4K Super 35mm camcorder. Lightweight, but robust and delivering stunning 4K HDR content. A high-sensitivity 4K Super35 Exmor™ CMOS Sensor offers all the benefits of a large format sensor, while Sony’s unique electronic Variable ND Filter gives unsurpassed flexibility for shooting on the go. Sony’s α-mount system offers unsurpassed compatibility with third-party lenses, including DSLR, making FS5 a natural next step for creators migrating from stills to professional video production.

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