Close to the action: W Series rapid dome Full HD cameras with 30x optical zoom

You’ve never had a closer, clearer picture. Sony’s advanced W Series rapid dome network cameras boast an industry-leading 30x optical zoom range at Full HD 1080p resolution, covering every scene from wide-area views to powerful close-ups.

See every detail in full-resolution close-up

The powerful 30x optical zoom range of Sony’s flagship W Series rapid dome camera allows smooth, rapid transition from wide-area coverage to high magnification close-ups of distant subjects. You’ll enjoy crisp, uncompromised picture quality at all zoom settings without sacrificing clarity.

The special demands of wide-area surveillance are a tough mission for any security camera. The camera’s lens must offer a sufficiently broad field of view to cover large areas like car parks or perimeter fences. But if something unusual happens – like the appearance of an unauthorised intruder – it’s crucial to zoom in for a close-up view of what’s happening, and fast.

Specifically for challenging outdoor surveillance applications, Sony’s power-packed W Series rapid dome cameras outpace the competition where it really matters. Alongside superb Full HD picture quality with high sensitivity, they offer the industry’s fastest pan speed of 700°/s. This lets an operator quickly recall preset areas of interest in a single, seamless motion.


Higher magnification, more detail

Just as importantly, every W Series rapid dome camera boasts an impressive 30x optical zoom range. At wide angle settings, one camera can keep a watchful gaze over extensive spaces in a shopping mall or urban precinct. But when rapid close-ups are needed, an operator can zoom in to pinpoint activity precisely – even if it’s far from the camera.

Other security cameras frequently use digital zoom to increase apparent magnification. This technique electronically enlarges a small portion from the centre of the image sensor. But it also sacrifices resolution, throwing away precious detail and causing blocky, pixelated images at higher magnifications.

As featured on all Sony W Series cameras, true optical zoom maintains full resolution at all settings, from wide angle to ultra-close up. Whatever the surveillance challenge, you’ll see the difference with clear, brilliantly-detailed images to aid positive identification and analysis.

30x optical zoom at Full HD 1080p resolution

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