The ultimate 4K Home Cinema experience

If you’re serious about cinema, you’ll understand the power of true 4K resolution. Now you can bring home that truly immersive cinema experience with our 4K Home Cinema projector range, including the flagship VPL-VW1100ES, the feature-packed new VPL-VW550ES, the powerful VPL-VW5000ES, the stylish LSPX-W1S and the cost effective VPL-VW320ES. With support for the latest picture standards – including true 4K HDR – home entertainment looks better than ever.

Over four times the detail of Full HD

Working with Hollywood studios and cinemas worldwide, we’ve transformed movie-going with our high-performance 4K digital projectors that bring stunning detail, contrast and colour to the big screen.

You can enjoy that same immersive entertainment experience with our 4K Home Cinema projectors. With a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, 4K images contain over four times more detail than Full HD. So what you see on screen looks just as good as the director intended.

4K resolution, no compromises

Every Sony Home Cinema projector uses the same SXRD™ panel technology found in our no-compromise 4K movie theatre projectors. You’ll see the difference with smooth, dot-free images and naturally fluid on-screen movement.

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A bright new reality with true 4K HDR

High Dynamic Range takes you closer still to reality with higher contrast, richer colours and a wider range of brightness levels from deep, dark blacks to bright, sparkling highlights. Our VPL-VW5000ES, VPL-VW550ES and VPL-VW320ES Home Cinema projectors support latest HDR standards, so you can take full advantage of the growing choice of true 4K HDR content that’s coming your way.

Reality Creation upscaling

As well as offering true 4K resolution, all of our 4K Home Cinema projectors feature Sony’s advanced Reality Creation technology. This upscales lower-resolution HD images for an incredible 4K experience, getting the very best from your current Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD collection – in 2D and 3D, too.

More colour with TRILUMINOUS™ Display

Every Sony Home Cinema projector features TRILUMINOUS™ Display technology that offers a broader colour range than conventional projectors. You’ll experience more vivid tones and textures, bringing unprecedented depth and realism to every scene.

Meet our newest 4K Home Cinema projector

The feature-packed VPL-VW550ES brings an exciting world of cinematic experiences into your living room. You’ll enjoy detail-packed true 4K HDR images with lifelike colour and contrast. With powerful 1,800 lumens brightness you’re guaranteed exceptional pictures, even in well-lit rooms. 4K HDR brings your viewing to life with an expanded range of brightness levels, for truly spectacular contrast and richly lifelike colours.

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