Digital Master

Highly affordable and accessible, Digital MasterTM Tape for HDV is the ideal first step into the thrilling world of High Definition.


Designed for MiniDv, DVCAM and HDV camcorders, Digital Master tape is the only professional videotape with 2 active magnetic layers, improving carrier to noise ratio by 2.5db for 95% fewer errors and 60% fewer dropouts than consumer DV tape!
A new AMEII metal evaporation technology has been used to improve the packing of grains inside the magnetic layer, increase tape retentivity (Br) and output as well as achieve better C/N and error ratios.
Quality Control has been enhanced following a complete review of the production process, resulting in improved drop-out figures.
By using a new method for creating the Diamond Like Carbon protective layer on the tape surface, a dramatic improvement in wear resistance has been achieved, resulting in reduced head wear.
A new lubricant ensures low friction and reduced head stain. With superior stability, tape damage is minimised.
Digital Master is also highly flexible and convenient media, enhancing compatibility between camcorder and VTR. It also offers a protective locking album case preventing accidental opening.
Cleaning Tape: PDVM-12CL and PDV-12CL


General Characteristics
Master Carton Quantity (piece)
PHDV-276DM: 50
PHDV-186DM: 50
PHDV-124DM: 50
PHDV-64DM: 50
PHDVM-63DM: 50
Master Carton Weight (kg)
PHDV-276DM: 7.6
PHDV-186DM: 7.3
PHDV-124DM: 7.0
PHDV-64DM: 6.9
PHDVM-63DM: 4.434
Playing time (min)
PHDV-276DM: 276
PHDV-186DM: 186
PHDV-124DM: 124
PHDV-64DM: 64
PHDVM-63DM: 63
Tape length (m)
PHDV-276DM: 315
PHDV-186DM: 214
PHDV-124DM: 143
PHDV-64DM: 75
PHDVM-63DM: 73
Weight (g)
PHDV-276DM: 142
PHDV-186DM: 135
PHDV-124DM: 130
PHDV-64DM: 127
PHDVM-63DM: 64
Magnetic Properties
Intrinsic coercivity (kA/m)
Retentivity (mT)
Squareness (Br/Bm)
Physical Properties
Thickness: backcoating (µm)
Thickness: base (µm)
Thickness: magnetic layer (µm)
Thickness: total (µm)
Width (mm)
Thickness non-magnetic layer (µm)
Video and Audio Performance
RF Playback output (dB)