F-780 (F780)

High quality vocal dynamic microphone

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The F-780 is a high quality vocal microphone, designed for the most critical applications on stage and in the studio applications. It features a rugged dynamic capsule and a voice emphasised frequency response.
High quality audio
The F-780 has been designed to deliver exceptually high quality vocal pick-up either on stage or in the studio. The microphone has an extended and voice emphasis frequency response, low handling noise and impressive senstivity.
Rugged construction
The F-780 should be able to withstand years for use, as it has a high robust construction.
Easy to use
The microphones tuned requency response and cardioid directivity, make it easy to use.


Tuned voice frequency response
The F-780 features a frequency emphasis response to enhance the pick-up of vocalists.
High sensitivity
The AlNiCO magnet used in the capsule creates an impressive amount of signal gain.
Resilient structure
The microphone case is highly robust


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