Software: StreamingSettingTransfer_V100(for mac)



Use streaming setting transfer to write rtmp/RTMPS streaming system configuration information (Destination URL and Stream Name) to the SD card, which was supported in version 4.0 of PXW-Z280/Z190. The SD card can be used to load configuration information into the PXW-Z280/Z190.

[How to use]
Please refer to "StreamingSettingTransfer_V1.0.0.ReleaseNote_E.pdf" included in the download contents in this page.

[The verified PC environment]
OS: MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.15
CPU: Intel Core series
Memory size : 4GB or over
Display resolution : 1280 x 768 or over
SD card : Sony or SanDisk SDXC card class10 (using on board SD card slot of PC)


Applies to: