Smart Live Production

Audience demand for up-to-the-minute content is at an all-time high. Now’s the time to stand out from the competition and connect with viewers on every platform. At Sony our non-stop innovation in live production technology is helping content creators produce and distribute more high-value streaming and on-demand content. With even more creativity and agility. And with less hardware, lower costs and simplified operations.

SWR to maximise its production power with Sony

We’ve created an exciting solution that allows German broadcaster SWR to reach a wider audience by producing more content off-peak during studio downtime. Our PTZ cameras and vision switchers can be operated remotely via an intuitive touch interface. This will let SWR re-use its equipment to produce great-looking programmes around the clock with fewer staff on site.

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Learn about remote and simplified live production, VR and AR studio solutions, smart GUI interfaces and much more.

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Smart Production Solution Concept

Smart production utilises what resources are available and finds ways to increase content output and flexibility, to enhance the agility of studios and provide organisations with audience growth opportunities and new revenue streams.

*Availability in your region may vary, please contact your Sony Account representative.

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Smart Live Production Solutions

Everything you need to produce smarter and faster, with reduced resources and a higher demand for content. Create quality live content with our easy to use solutions.  Go live with Virtual Production, our flexible online service that lets you produce live content anytime, from anywhere. Enhance the creativity and flexibility of live productions with our PTZ cameras now with FreeD Protocol. Lastly increase operational efficiency with our Enhanced Live Production Control System (ELC) to automate all newsroom studio functions from a dedicated operator position.

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We’ll help you transform live

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Produce smarter, faster

We’ll streamline your live workflow to deliver thrilling on-screen experiences, faster and with lower costs.

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Excite on every screen

Draw fans deeper into the action with even higher quality content on every platform in 4K Ultra HD, 8K and HDR.

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Expand your live potential

Unlock Sony innovation in IP and 5G to realise exciting new possibilities for remote and distributed production.

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