HKJ-101 (HKJ101)

i.Link interface option board for J-H1


Provides an i.Link connection for the J-H1 HDCAM compact player
The optional HKJ-101 i.Link interface board allows the J-H1 to bridge the gap between HDCAM tapes and DV. DV video (525/625 depending on SDTV output), audio (2ch or 4ch), time code, and machine control can be communicated between the J-H1 and a non-linear editor via a single IEEE1394 connection.
i.Link connection for J-H1 HDCAM compact player
J-H1 can be equipped with an i.Link connector by installing the HKJ-101 i.Link interface board.


Crash-recording via i.Link possible
Machine control is effective for material capturing purposes only, and frame accurate editing is not supported. Tape-to-tape editing between an external VTR is not supported. Crash-recording via i.Link is possible.