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MDR-MV1 Studio Headphones

For creating spatial and stereo sound with wide frequency range and soundstage feel

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Your music, perfectly engineered

The MDR-MV1 Open-Back Studio Monitor Headphones have been designed for spatial and stereo sound reproduction, featuring a wide frequency range and soundstage feel.

With neutral and high-resolution acoustic characteristics, the headphones reproduce each sound element exactly as it’s meant to be heard. Lightweight construction ensures maximum comfort, making them perfect for extended creative sessions.

Studio monitor sound for mixing and mastering

Featuring a precision-tuned open-back design, our headphones deliver unparalleled spatial accuracy, ideal for mixing and mastering in both spatial and stereo formats.

They boast High-Resolution Audio clarity and a neutral frequency response from 5Hz to 80kHz, crafted in partnership with top industry experts.

Sony headphones.
A view of Sony headphones.

Comfort and design

Designed for optimal comfort, the MDR-MV1 boasts soft, breathable earpads and a lightweight aluminum build, allowing creators to immerse themselves in their work without distraction.

Carefully tuned open-back acoustic structure

With headphones optimized for spatial sound, we can use advanced signal processing and HRTF measurements in the 360VME platform (Virtual Mixing Environment) to authentically reproduce the sound field. The open-back design minimizes internal reflections, while strategic acoustic resistors manage airflow, eliminating spatial resonance.

The result? Pure, rich bass without added color.

A close up of Sony headphones.
A man with headphones in a studio.

Spatial sound recreation

Reproduce each sound’s positions and movements in 360 degrees to enable spatial sound monitoring in the headphones, virtualizing a speaker-based production environment.

High-Resolution Audio capability

With High-Resolution Audio, sound sources are rendered with pristine clarity, allowing each element to be monitored with precision. This aids in mixing and mastering, capturing the ambiance of venues and the nuances in sound details seamlessly.

Sony headphones.
Sony headphones.

Specially developed HD driver units

After extensive simulations and prototyping, our engineers crafted a diaphragm with minimal distortion, optimizing both its shape and corrugation design.

This ensures playback fidelity from a broad 5Hz to 80kHz range. Plus, the rear-ducted structure balances a crisp low-range response while preserving distinction between mid and low frequencies.

Detachable cables for professional use

The cable features a premium 6.3 mm (1/4”) stereo plug, standard in production settings. With the included adapter, it seamlessly connects to 3.5 mm mini jack devices. Its screw-on detachable design ensures both a sturdy connection and easy cable replacement.

Sony headphones.


Open back, Dynamic
Driver unit
40 mm (1.58 in)
Power handling capacity
1 500 mW (IEC *1)
24 Q at 1 kHz
100 dB/mW
Frequency response
5 Hz - 80 000 Hz (IEC *1)
Approx. 223 g (7.87 oz) without cable
Included items
Stereo Headphones, Headphone cable (approx. 2.5 m (98.43 in), stereo phone plug),Plug adaptor (approx. 20 cm (1.58 in), stereo phone jack↔ stereo mini plug)
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission