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Dr Cicero Calogero is the Director of Radiology at Bassano del Grappa Hospital, Italy. He uses NUCLeUS™ imaging platform to help radiography and surgical teams work more closely and support the hospital’s robotic angiography system.

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How we helped
The Challenge
  • The hospital needed a platform that could streamline the radiography team’s image workflow and support the Siemens ARTIS pheno robotic angiography system
  • Dr Cicero also wanted to improve collaboration between radiographers, oncologists and surgeons
  • Because only the surgical team could see what was happening during procedures, training and consultation opportunities were limited
The Solution
  • Introduction of NUCLeUS; imaging platform that streamlines the workflow for vascular surgeries and interventional oncology procedures
  • High configurability allows the radiography team to tailor NUCLeUS to different procedures quickly and easily
  • Smooth integration with the existing robotic angiography system and HIS
The Outcome
  • Surgical teams can record procedures for review later or broadcast live to the hospital’s conference room
  • Better collaboration and remote consultation via the telestration function that allows colleagues to annotate live video feeds
  • Remote and online training is now possible, showing trainee surgeons at other sites a clear, live view of procedures
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Before installing NUCLeUS, we were not able to share operating room activities with radiology or with the conference room. The NUCLeUS system has made it very easy for us to share procedures and train staff.

Dr Cicero Calogero
Director of Radiology, Bassano del Grappa Hospital

An intuitive, integrated platform

Because NUCLeUS is so intuitive, Dr Cicero and his staff learned how to use its full functionality in just a few days. The touchscreen interface allows staff to quickly and easily configure the platform for a variety of procedures, and handle scans and tests with ease. Simple integration with the HIS and Siemens ARTIS pheno robotic angiography system means the hospital enjoys an excellent return on its wider tech investment.

Dr Cicero Calogero manages NUCLeUS touchscreen at Bassano del Grappa

More connected and collaborative training

Surgical teams can easily share procedures, live, with colleagues in the hospital’s conference room. The telestration function then allows specialists and consulting surgeons to annotate live feeds and give clear instructions to the team in the OR. Recordings can also be saved for review later, to improve surgical training and support collaboration and co-ordination between departments.

Remote training and online education

Bassano Hospital plans to connect more operating rooms to NUCLeUS. And because the platform runs over an IP network, this expansion will be fast and simple. Dr Cicero also hopes to use NUCLeUS LIVE, which will allow trainees and colleagues to watch procedures anywhere, at any time—live or recorded. With this added capability, he plans to share expertise and collaborate with other hospitals, while delivering more and better online training.

Doctors in meeting room observe surgery through NUCLeUS LIVE

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