Sony Digital Healthcare Event 2020

Transform your healthcare workflow

As healthcare embraces digitalisation, 2020 has been a game changer for our industry. Hospitals and healthcare providers are reinventing their workflows in the wake of the global pandemic. Find out how we’re supporting our customers and partners during this time of unprecedented transition.

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Explore our full range of new and improved workflows

Surgical monitors showing images from endoscope, room camera and patient data in a active operating room

Smart IP imaging platform

Find out how we are helping hospitals streamline imaging workflow in the operating room, across the hospital campus or beyond.

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Surgeons in an or looking the endoscopic images on mounted displays


We support a full range of imaging workflows from Full HD to 4K for endoscopic procedures.

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Image of a robotic surgical system showing arms over an empty bed

Robotic surgery

Discover how our workflows are supporting customers using robotic surgical systems.

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Doctor using a surgical microscope in an operating theatre

Surgical microscopy

Discover our latest most advanced high dynamic range imaging workflow for ophthalmology.

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Image of a fixed c-arm unit

Interventional radiology

Discover our compact, high-performance imaging and printing solutions that offer seamless integration with a wide range of interventional radiology imaging systems.

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Personal wearing handing a 6-image ultrasound printout to someone


Discover how we’re changing the diagnostic and documentation workflows for ultrasound.

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Meeting room with 4 people interacting with a surgeon via wall mounted Bravia display

Workspace solutions for the hospital

Find out how we can help you communicate, collaborate, inform and teach across the campus and beyond.

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