PDW-850 Firmware Notices

Service Centre installation required.

Important notice

All PDW-850 firmware upgrades require a mandatory post-adjustment which can only be performed by a qualified engineer. Please contact your Service Centre.

Overview: PDW-850 V3.06


V3.06 includes the following improvements.

Contents of update

  • Addresses a REC START / EJECT / PLAY button issue that was rarely responding while the GPS was set to ON after turning on the Power SW.
  • Addresses an issue that “Error 91-301” log is recorded at the last minute before Power off while GPS is ON.
  • Resolves Focus Assist Indication malfunction under certain camera picture conditions.
  • Addresses an issue that 100% Marker appears by changing the Center Marker display setting when Focus Assist Indicator is enabled.
  • Addresses an issue that Timecode rarely shifts when the Time code generator is set to Free Run mode (F-RUN), triggered by turning on the power switch.

Menu structure change


  • Setting of SECURITY: LEVEL1/LEVEL2 is saved to SERVICE FILE


  • Setting of SECURITY: LEVEL1/LEVEL2 is NOT saved to SERVICE FILE

* All other items in “Setting of SECURITY” are not saved to every FILE.
“SECURITY: LEVEL1/LEVEL2” adopts the same behavior from V3.06.

Overview: PDW-850 V3.01


V3.01 includes the following improvements.

New functions:

Display status of CBK-WA100 (WA100 need upgrading to V2.3)

  • Network client mode (NCM)
  • Streaming (STRM)
  • Wired LAN connection (LAN2)

Live logging by Contents Browser Mobile (WA100 need upgrading to V2.3)

  • Add shotmark 1-9 to a recording clip from CBM.


Supports additional assign functions on HXCU-FB70 (HXCU-FB70 need upgrading to V1.10 (The latest version is V1.11))

  • Digital Extender
  • Slow Shutter

Add supported format when connecting with CA-FB70/TX70

  • 29.97P and 25P

*CA-FB70 need upgrading to V1.08

*CA-TX70 need upgrading to V1.09

*HXCU-TX70 need upgrading to V1.11

Overview: PDW-850 V2.35


V2.35 includes the following improvements.

New Features

1.) Adjustment function of brightness level of VF marker is supported.

2.) APR function during auto black balance adjustment is added.


1.) Add the detection of the presence of the audio signal to detect if the rear audio input XLR connector is removed.

2.) Improvement of auto log acquisition function.

3.) When the power is turned on, the message of ”DR EEPROM DATA NG” would be indicated in VF rarely.

4.) The high resolution clip which is recorded immediately after the power is turned on with GPS:ON setting may not be replayed

by PDW-U2.

5.) The RETURN 1 is assigned for RET button of the serial lens although any of RETURN2 – 4 is assigned, when connecting with the


6.) The characters for shot data is indicated triply and horizontally on the screen in 720 59.94P/50P format.

Overview: PDW-850 V2.30


V2.30 includes the following improvements.

New Functions:

1.) CA-TX70 and CA-FB70 Studio adapters are supported.

2.) Slow & Quick Motion features are supported.

3.) HDCA-702 MPEG Transport Stream adapter is supported.



This upgrade only applies to serial numbers: 60001-60080.

Units with serial numbers 60081 and higher have already been upgraded to V2.30.

This upgrade requires a mandatory adjustment which can only be performed by a qualified engineer.