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Register and benefit from a range of free services, support and repair for your camcorder with PrimeSupport Pro

Multilingual Support

Technical expertise and support from multilingual product specialists when you need it.

Collect Delivery Service

Free collection and delivery back to a place of your choice, saving you time and stress

Sony Certified Repairs

Repairs from dedicated Sony engineers that know Sony Professional products best

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Eligibility is subject to registering within 2 years of purchase

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Save up to 20% when extending your cover by 1 to 3 years. If you have purchased your product within the last 2 years, you can easily extend your PrimeSupport Pro cover by talking to one of our dealers.

1 Year Extension

1 one-year extension at standard price for maximum flexibility.*

2 Years Extension

Two-year extension at standard price for added flexibility.*

3 Years Extension

Up to 20% saving compared to buying 3 one-year extensions at standard price.*

*All sales of Sony Products will be made subject to the participating Dealer’s terms of supply. Dealers are under no obligation to Sony in respect of the price at which they sell the Sony Products. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.

PrimeSupport for PXW-FX9 : Special Offer