Intelligent workspaces by design

A complete room management solution which enables you to optimise space now and in the future, allowing organisations to run at their best with efficiency built into the workplace. Smarter working allows your employees to become more productive and efficient.

Introducing TEOS Manage

TEOS Manage is a complete AV and IP device and room management solution for corporate and large education environments. Powerful, flexible and easy to use, TEOS Manage empowers your IT department to efficiently manage, schedule and monitor the content that’s displayed on all your networked screens, projectors and display devices.

At the centre of the ecosystem

Large organisations run at their best when efficiency is built into the workplace. It’s knowing how to optimise the space now and in the future. It’s considering how to keep information moving and people happy. It’s delivering it all with the company’s business, brand and culture front of mind.


Control the content

Create a seamless experience for guests from the moment they arrive in reception, engaging them with digital communications that follow them as they move through the building. With minimal remote setup, you can ensure meeting notes, agendas, and personal messages are ready when you are – to get the meeting started straight away.


A scalable solution

TEOS Manage is built with the knowledge that every business is different. The solution can be designed to meet the demands of organisations of any size – controlled either by one individual across the organisation, or by each department or areas of the building. Screens can even be adapted to enable touch interactivity, location-based signage, or individual logos.


Integrated with meeting room bookings

With displays assigned to spaces and meeting rooms, employees can even book rooms through the system.

Start working smarter

Smart working starts with intelligent workspaces. This means that AV is no longer part of the furniture (digital displays account for more than half of meeting room budget spend, after all). It is a consistent presence throughout your business, and is integral to a culture of smart working.

With TEOS Manage, you are in complete control of all your networked display devices all the time. Moreover, smarter working means employees can be more productive and efficient.

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