Record Control Software for PWS-4500 and PWS-4400

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Flexibility and control for the PWS-4500 and PWS-4400
The PWA-RCT1 is new running application software (requires Windows 8 or higher) that provides another method to control each port on multiple units* of the PWS-4500 and PWS-4400** 4K/HD live production servers – triggering rec/stop/play/file transfer from a single PC with intuitively operational GUI.

The PWA-RCT1 adds increased operational flexibility to both the PWS-4500 and PWS-4400 so that it could be offered as an easy-to-use multi-port 4K/HD production recorder for a wider variety of production usages.

*Up to 4 PWS-4500 or PWS-4400 could be controlled as V1.0 (First version)

**Requires PWS-4500 and PWS-4400 Version 1.4
Simple and intuitive control functions
Easy to record, play and preview media with easy to read status indication.


Simple and intuitive control functions for PWS-4500 and PWS-4400
Simple and intuitive control of PWS-4500 and PWS-4400*, replacing PWS-100PR1 and PWSK-4403 control.

* Requires PWS-4500 and PWS-4400 Version 1.4
Controls up to 4 servers
Maximum number of PWS-4500 and PWS-4400 servers controlled from one screen. PWS-TD1 also supported*.

* Requires Version 1.1
Clip management and file transfer functions
The software offers clip list management and file transfers to external media or network storage.

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