Seamless connectivity between software and devices to drive truly smart working

What is TEOS?

We’re working with organisations to bring in the next generation of smart buildings—enabling real-time collaboration between employees and new levels of productivity.

TEOS is our complete suite of workplace management solutions, designed to make the smart workplace a reality. Orchestrate your entire workspace centrally, with personalised signage, efficient room booking and technologies to enable more efficient communication and collaboration.

The workplace of the future is already here. And it’s powered by TEOS.

Ensure everyone receives the right welcome

First impressions count. Do all your visitors experience the same service when they arrive? Receptionists can be an expensive luxury and when there’s a call or queue, guests are left waiting.

TEOS Reception makes check-in faster and more cost-effective. Greet your guests with personalised signage and allow them to sign in and out simply while instantly letting employees know when their visitors have arrived.

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Get the most out of your meeting spaces

Employees waste 33 minutes a day related to meetings.

TEOS Book makes it easy to find and book meetings rooms quickly, either through your existing central booking system or using the interactive display outside the meeting room itself. No more jumping into a free meeting room only to be asked to leave 10 minutes later.

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Connect and collaborate instantly

How many times have meetings been delayed in your organisation due to technical issues? We believe collaboration should have no barriers. Especially not tripping over cables while trying to find the right input.

TEOS Connect gives employees and visitors the power to wirelessly mirror content to meeting room displays from their own devices. It’s sharing made seamless.

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Total workplace orchestration for smarter working

Managing multiple devices can be complex, costly and time consuming. How can you deliver consistent, high quality content while keeping energy bills low?

TEOS Manage enables you to centrally manage all connected devices. Create and schedule signage and push alerts. Simply programme screens to turn on or off when needed. Integrate room booking with ease. Gather valuable data on device and space usage.

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