TEOS Book: Streamlining room management

Double productivity instead of double booking

What is TEOS Book?

TEOS Book makes finding and booking rooms simple. Reserve, release, reschedule or extend bookings on the go via tablet touchscreen; it can be as flexible as your team is. No more wasted rooms or wasted hours.

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Optimise space utilisation with intuitive room booking

TEOS Book integrates with corporate calendar systems to allow room reservations to take place in advance, rather than the age old tradition of jumping into a room and hoping no one else needs it.

Intuitive signalling: Green means go

The touch enabled tablet outside every meeting room lets employees know that the room is free by showing a green light. The room can be booked there and then using the tablet, so there’s no need for employees to return to their desks to consult the central system.

Fully customisable

Customise the touch enabled tablets to reflect your own branding and select templates to fit the needs of your TEOS Book system. As well as this, display the unique meeting agenda outside the room to ensure everyone knows the purpose of the meeting before stepping into the room.

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