TEOS Manage: Bring your workplace to life

Simple, scalable and efficient control of devices, content and spaces

What is TEOS Manage?

TEOS Manage is an advanced workplace management solution. Achieve efficiency, insight and impact through complete workplace control. Optimise how your organisation uses devices, space and time to unlock the true potential of your workforce.

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TEOS Manage enables a smarter workspace at Siemens Portugal

Discover how Siemens is using TEOS Manage to centralise control of connected AV devices for efficient communication with employees and visitors at its Portuguese headquarters.

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Simple, centralised control of all your connected devices

Deliver a seamless experience with just one easy-to-use interface. Create great-looking signage, sending content with a click to the right screen anywhere in the building and monitor and manage IP display device usage. Hosted locally or in the cloud, TEOS Manage ensures you’re always in control.

A total view on workplace data

Optimise the way your property and people perform by collecting and analysing data from devices and spaces. An advanced analytics dashboard allows you to filter by timeframe or site and use insights to make smarter decision making.


Be greener and more cost-conscious

Why waste energy when no one’s watching? Schedule screens to switch on and off when required, for example at evenings and weekends, to cut energy consumption and contribute to environmental targets.

Fix problems as soon as they happen

Normally it takes a while to discover when devices stop working. Not with TEOS Manage. Find out as soon as issues occur so you can fix them quickly. Close down rooms in your meeting booking system until the equipment is back on line.

Scalable, with wide compatibility

TEOS Manage integrates beautifully with all your building’s displays, PJLink projectors and tablets. Adding our compact Player for TEOS instantly gives access to pre-installed TEOS solutions and other Android apps for other devices.

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