PDW-F330K (with lens)Discontinued

A supremely versatile XDCAM HD Camcorder - HD/SD, NTSC/PAL, interlaced/progressive switchable (including 24P). Disc-based, advanced AV/IT workflow and easy integration into conventional DV-based operation.
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The most versatile camcorder in its price range; it's your choice to shoot in SD or HD, to use your familiar AV-based way of working or XDCAM's world-leading advanced AV/IT workflow.

The PDW-F330 is a true-shoulder mount camcorder, perfectly balanced to fit on your shoulder and featuring the latest evolution of familiar Sony ergonomics.

While most entry-level High Definition cameras only have 1/3" CCDs, the PDW-F330 features 3x 1/2" HD CCD delivering class-leading dynamic range and high sensitivity. The advantage of using the world's only ½" CCDs doesn't just mean superior performance, it also provides compatibility with all existing ½ inch lenses.

The PDW-F330 is also exceptionally versatile; at the flick of a switch you have the choice of 50i/60i/25P/30P/24P in DV and HD. So you could shoot a local news assignment today, a wedding video tomorrow and your independent short film the day after - all with the same camera, all with the exact settings required to excel in each application.

At the heart of the PDW-F330 is XDCAM Professional Disc - the world's bestselling, most affordable and most widely supported non-linear acquisition system. The benefits of XDCAM begin from the moment you begin shooting. You can mark key scenes manually or rely on automatic marking, then review scenes by simply selecting their thumbnail images on the colour fold-out screen. Non-linear media means instant scene access and there's no need to worry about overwriting content either.

For post-production, the PDW-F330 outputs a standard DV-based stream so your existing NLE set-up will work with it just the same as a DV/DVCAM camcorder. You can choose the pace at which you move to the full potential of an advanced AV/IT, file-based workflow.

The PDW-F330 is engineered to provide you with the most cost-effective and versatile camcorder you can imagine for the way you work today and tomorrow

This product comes with the full PrimeSupport package. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offering expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment – and your business.

The PDW-F330 is designed as the perfect bridge between today's DV/SD world and tomorrow's advanced AV/IT HD workflow. For the price of a standard definition tape-based camcorder you're ready for all the opportunities of High Definition and file-based production.

Enhanced Productivity

No matter how you work, the PDW-F330 offers productivity improvements impossible with tape-based media: • The Professional Disc can be loaded and ready to shoot faster than tape • No need to worry about accidentally overwriting precious content •' Essence Mark' key scenes at the touch of a button • Choose in-camera settings to automatically create 'Essence Marks' according to options such as white balance change, audio saturation etc. • Thumbnail images representing key scenes can be browsed and instantly accessed using on-camera colour screen • No frantic fast-forward/rewinding to find the clips you want to review • Cut and edit content on the camera itself - no need for a PC! • Import proxy files onto your PC at 40X speed for browsing and high-speed editing • Smart import only the full resolution content you require faster than real-time • Up to two hours recording at 18Mb/s MPEG HD - the longest recording time for any current HD camcorder

Cost Effective

Cost of ownership is critical. The PDW-F330 is designed to offer you the lowest total system cost in its class due to: • Highly competitive pricing for camcorder with or without lens • Compatibility with existing SD or HD ½" lenses ensures wider choice of configurations at an affordable price-point • Compatibility with most DVCAM accessories maximises existing investments • Compatibility with all existing DV-based NLEs via i.LINK DV Stream • Versatility - HD/SD, NTSC/PAL etc. - means with one camcorder you really can cover almost any assignment • Little or no maintenance costs due to revolutionary optical drive • Traditional Sony build quality and design ensures high reliability • Professional Discs can be reused for 10,000 rewrite cycles, equivalent to 30 years at one use/working day - all for the same price of a single tape! • Multiple suppliers of Professional Disc media

Compatibility with today and tomorrow's workflow

The PDW-F330 is built around support for existing standards such as DV/DVCAM and open standards like MXF so you've got the maximum flexibility to use it just the way you want: • Stay with DV/DVCAM format to work with existing non-linear editors via traditional i.LINK interface • i.LINK, analogue video, analogue/digital audio interfaces for connectivity to a wide range of editing systems • i.LINK File Access Mode (FAM) interface for high-speed, file-based in/out connectivity to a PC • MXF open standard ensures maximum compatibility with new generation NLEs • Long-term accessibility - storing content as files means you will always be able to access data in the future

Faster, Smarter Archiving

You don't need an expensive IT-storage system to revolutionise the way you store, retrieve and manage your archive material. While Professional Discs costs the same as tape, they're a true high-speed, non-linear media with a wealth of advanced meta-data automatically generated in camera: • Import metadata and/or low resolution proxies onto your PC hard drive for a smart, searchable mirror of your high resolution archive • Locate, watch and even edit proxy clips quickly using fast search of metadata, then instantly locate the archived high resolution content • Non-linear media means faster, more reliable access to valuable archive content • Professional Discs will retain information for 50 years in normal conditions • Because information is stored as data files, there's no worries about video standards not being around in years to come


Providing a stunning array of features, the PDW-F330 is designed to get the best out of every shoot. This Sony professional camcorder has been designed to provide the very best features at the very best price - there's no need to compromise on quality, functionality or results!

HD-native 16:9/4:3 Switchable CCDs

XDCAM HD Camcorders incorporate three HD-native, 16:9/4:3 switchable 1/2-inch CCDs, offering outstanding-quality images with a low smear level and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Real-time SD output

Even when recording in MPEG HD, XDCAM HD camcorders output a real-time SD signal via i.LINK DV out and composite out, further enhancing versatility and operational compatibility (e.g. with monitors or recording equipment on location.)

1/2" Canon HD lens with auto-focus (supplied)

The PDW-F330K is supplied with the world's first High Definition half-inch lens with both manual and auto-focus capability. It was specifically developed by Canon for use with Sony High Definition cameras. There is also an optional lens adaptor for 2/3 inch lenses.

Advanced Optical Features

The XDCAM HD Camcorder has a built-in optical Neutral Density (ND) filter wheel with four positions and a slow shutter – supporting up to 64-frame accumulations.

HD 1080 Recording at Selectable Frame & Bit Rates

XDCAM HD products can record video signals in 1080/59.94i, 50i, 29.97P, 25P and native 23.98P - using a "MPEG HD" codec with industry standard MPEG-2 MP@HL compression. The user can also select the following bit rates; 35, 25 or 18Mb/s depending on picture quality and recording length requirements. Choosing the highest bit rate of 35Mb/s results in a recording time of approximately 60 minutes, while choosing 18Mb/s provides a recording time of approximately 120 minutes - the longest recording time offered by any current HD camcorder. MPEG HD images are recorded at 1440x1080 pixels with 4:2:0 sampling.

DVCAM Recording and Up/Down conversion

To maximise HD/SD workflow flexibility, all XDCAM HD Camcorders can record in the ubiquitous DVCAM format with a choice of NTSC/PAL and 16:9/4:3 modes. In addition, both camcorder and decks incorporate a down-conversion capability that allows material recorded in the MPEG HD format to be converted to DV signals and output via the i.LINK port - enabling users to edit the material using compatible DV-based non-linear editors. DVCAM is recorded at 25Mb/s allowing approximately 85 minutes recording per disc. In NTSC mode, sampling is 4:1:1 with 480 active lines per frame. In PAL mode, sampling is 4:2:0 with 576 active lines per frame.

High-quality Audio Recording

XDCAM HD products can record two or four-channel, 16-bit, 48-khz uncompressed (Linear PCM) audio - delivering high sound quality.

File-based Disc Recording

Because the XDCAM system records video and audio as IT-type files rather than a linear AV stream, XDCAM HD products offer a range of tremendous benefits: • Instant random access to content • Automatic recording onto empty disc space (no need to worry about overwriting valuable content) • Easy integration into other IT-based equipment such as Non-Linear Editing and Arching Systems and Archive • Advanced network-based workflow via i.LINK FAM (File Access Mode) or even Ethernet • High Speed File Transfer

Advanced Scene Selection Functionality

The PDW-F330's 16:9 3.5-inch colour LCD displays a highly advanced interface giving access to features most camcorders leave to post production. For example, a thumbnail display provides immediate access to detailed metadata or key scenes (selected automatically and/or manually) for quickly reviewing content on site. You can even perform simple cuts-only editing on the camera itself.

Advanced Proxy Recording

XDCAM HD products automatically record low-resolution AV data simultaneously with the HD or SD resolution data on the same disc. This low resolution content - called "Proxy Data" - uses MPEG-4 to be high compact (1.5Mb/s for video and 0.5Mb/s for audio) while still offering reasonable quality. For a fast-breaking news story, Proxy Data could even be relayed over a low bandwidth link (e.g. mobile phone) and broadcast. In normal circumstances, Proxy AV applications include: • Immediate logging on location • Off-line editing • Daily rushes • Client Approvals • Content library browsing Proxy Data can be browsed and edited on most popular NLEs. In addition, all XDCAM HD products are supplied with PDZ-1 Proxy Browsing software for Windows PC which supports drag-and-drop content transfers.

High Level of Reliability

XDCAM HD camcorders share the same platform as the XDCAM SD products which have proven themselves in demanding applications all around the world. As there is no mechanical contact between media and recording heads, a high level of durability and long media life have been achieved. XDCAM products have also demonstrated exceptional resistance to shock, vibrations and extremes of climate.

Comprehensive interfaces

The PDW-F330 features a wide-range of input-outputs and interfaces for maximum production flexibility: • Input: Front stereo microphone, analogue audio (2-channel), timecode, gen-lock • Output: HD analogue component, SD analogue component, SD analogue composite, timecode • i.LINK interface supports File Access Mode (FAM) and DV OUT • HD down-conversion capability: DV output via i.LINK (DV OUT) port or base-band SD output via analogue component

Additional features

• Interval recording for time-lapse capture • Freeze mix • Remote Commander™ supplied • Assignable buttons enable operators to assign frequently used functions • Interval recording (automatic and manual) intermittently records signals at pre-determined intervals, ideal for recording over long periods • "Memory Stick"™ function for storage of camcorder set-up files • Metadata recording: UMID, Extended UMID, Essence Marks