Maximise cost efficiency through networked management

NUCLeUS™ helps hospitals realise long-term value from existing network infrastructure

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With NUCLeUS, hospitals can benefit from significant efficiency gains in their surgical imaging workflow – while leveraging their existing IP network infrastructure assets.

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Enabling more intelligent networked imaging workflows

NUCLeUS-powered networks are scalable. This means that a solution can develop as system requirements and innovation moves forward. All the while, NUCLeUS streamlines the management and distribution of high-resolution images and video content – enabling a smooth transmission of data across IP networks, tailored to specific requirements now, and in the future.

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Driving greater cost efficiency

Based on open IT networking standards and protocols, NUCLeUS is a data integration platform. Maintained and supported as part of existing ICT infrastructures – NUCLeUS empowers hospitals to deploy new features and updates with greater speed and cost efficiency.

Freedom of network deployment

NUCLeUS can be deployed as desired over existing copper or fibre network connections. So users can reap the benefits of NUCLeUS from Day One – without the need to rip out and replace costly IT cabling infrastructures. *

*Depending on current network status and assessment

Minimise IT overheads

NUCLeUS consolidates multiple video streams from virtually all imaging modalities in the operating room – plus other patient-related data – onto a single network cable. It’s more flexible, more reliable and more cost-effective than routing countless video cables across the hospital campus and endlessly re-plugging equipment to meet different application needs and use cases.

It's easy to add new features and functions

As imaging needs evolve, so does NUCLeUS. Add powerful new functionalities with simple system updates. Support surgical teams in the operating room with a growing library of NUCLeUS Smart Applications from Sony and other developers. 

Streamlined networked management

NUCLeUS brings together different imaging devices, other equipment brands and multiple standards into a single, harmonised IP network environment.

See anything, anywhere on the network

NUCLeUS enables the highly reliable, cost-efficient management of medical imaging streams – plus control signals and other associated patient information over hospital networks. Via the system’s intuitive touch interface, video in any format or resolution* – plus other data types – can be instantly assigned from any source to any destination for display or recording. This gives clinical teams and other stakeholders instant access to the information they need, wherever they need it. 

*Contact a Sony Healthcare Specialist for details.


The GUI image on this article is an example, displayed on a 3rd party’s touch panel device.

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