Creators' Cloud for enterprise

Cloud-based media production platform

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What is Creators' Cloud for enterprise?

Creators’ Cloud for enterprise is Sony’s cloud-based media solution that provides the media and entertainment industry with access to efficient multimedia services which can improve and maximize the potential of the production workflow. By combining top-notch communication technologies you can connect a variety of cameras directly and upload your content on the cloud. Enable new video expressions and speedy production by gaining access to abundant resources of cloud and AI. Creators’ Cloud ensures efficient delivery and distribution in the optimum formats for various distribution forms and provides common ID management system, authentication, and streamlined billing.

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Solution highlights

  • Cloud Gateway: Take advantage of a direct and easy connection through the mobile app and modern communication technology
  • Production Tool-Chain: Ensure innovative and integrated workflow by combining microservices and components
  • Remote Operation/Collaboration: Improve productivity with remote production from virtually anywhere
  • AI / Metadata: Enrich content with analytics and effective workflow by reducing time and routine
  • Multi-Format Delivery: Create new content value with improved touch points and innovative video experiences on various platforms to acquire new audiences

Partners: Widespread support from the industry

To provide creators with the most efficient end-to-end media cloud solutions, we are openly collaborating with companies that bring value to each process of production workflow. These include media capture, editing, distribution, and more.

Partner logos
M2 Live switcher display

M2 Live: Multi-camera live production made quickly and efficiently

Multiple cameras at a live event can be mixed to make quality live productions for social or web audiences. Cloud-based live production tools enhance your reach and get you closer to your audience.

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A2 Production: Automated processes with artificial intelligence

Automate your workflows, from data analysis to subtitling and media enrichment to clip creation. Free your team to focus on creating content, supported by AI and machine learning.

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AI Rule Engine Maker display
Hands holding a phone attached to a camera

C3 Portal: Get content from the field, faster than ever

Transfer camera clips from the field to the cloud using just a smartphone. Let production teams remotely view and pull content directly from cameras – even as they continue recording.

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Ci Media Cloud: Bringing content and teams together

Designed to enrich the capabilities of today’s remote teams, we can help simplify the way teams collaborate on video content throughout the entire media lifecycle. Now you can seamlessly centralize people and content on devices from almost anywhere.

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Screenshot of software used to demonstrate collaboration in video production editing.
Two women and a man looking at a live production screen.

NavigatorX: Build the ideal workflows for your business​

Your content’s valuable, maximizing its potential is priceless. NavigatorX is the powerful, content management and workflow solution that’s a perfect fit for today’s diverse production environments whether across cloud or on-premises.​

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Hive: Deliver the news ahead of the competition

Get breaking news on-air and online before your competitors. Reach more audiences, on more platforms. Give journalists the power to create and co-ordinate stories anywhere in the world – fast.

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A man sitting behind a desk with two screens demonstrating live production work.

Explore individual options

Work with Sony to design and build your workflows

Creators’ Cloud combines the efficiency of the cloud with deep media expertise. Our software engineers, systems architects, security experts and network specialists will help you design and refine the workflows you need.

The flexibility and power of the cloud, from end-to-end

Run your media operations in cloud or hybrid environments. Create an ecosystem of tools that fit into your existing workflows and help you work faster and more efficiently. Remove silos. Scale as needed. Control and secure your media. Harness the power of the cloud from acquisition to delivery.

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ITN Productions adopts Sony's Ci Media Cloud Platform

The creative division of ITN was an early adopter of Sony’s Ci Media Cloud Platform built on Amazon Web Services platform.

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C3 Portal improves broadcast workflows for CH MEDIA

CH Media needed content to be made available to all platforms as quickly as possible.

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