Create a HyFlex learning environment for your university

HyFlex (‘Hybrid Flexible’) education models are growing in popularity across European universities and colleges, blending face-to-face instruction, online learning, and asynchronous online materials. See how a mix of Sony’s reliable AV technology – including BRAVIA Professional Displays, laser projectors, PTZ cameras, beamforming microphones and speakers – can be integrated to create an adaptable, easy-to-use HyFlex learning environment in university lecture theatres and classrooms.

Deepening student engagement, online or in person

HyFlex educational models enable more personalised learning experiences, together with the ability to cater for students’ diverse needs without limitations of physical location or time constraints. Creating the ideal HyFlex environment for your university means choosing the right equipment that integrates with your existing AV infrastructure to suit the needs of both lecturers and students, today and tomorrow. We’ve illustrated this typical HyFlex configuration for a small lecture theatre or large classroom that supports delivery of high-quality learning experiences for students attending classes online or face-to-face.

Lecture room equipped with Sony’s AV technology like Bravia displays, laser projectors, PTZ cameras, microphones and speakers

Flexible AV solutions that grow with your needs

Universities can progressively implement HyFlex learning solutions at their own pace. It’s easy to integrate our networked AV tech with your current infrastructure, gradually adding more devices and functionality to meet the evolving needs of increasing student numbers or more sophisticated teaching and learning needs.

Don’t miss what’s written

It can be hard for students to see what lecturers are writing on whiteboards or blackboards. And it’s even more frustrating when the teacher’s body is in the way of what’s being written. Our AI-powered Edge Analytics Appliance can intelligently extract the lecturer’s handwritten text and sketched diagrams from a camera that’s pointing at the board. Crisp text and illustrations are displayed on large screens around the room, letting everyone – including remote attendees – see exactly the point that’s being made. A further camera positioned on the lecturer’s desk provides a complementary viewpoint for students who aren’t there in person.

Lecture room equipped with srg-xb25 and srg-xp1 cameras, vpl-phz61 laser projector and Edge Analytics Appliance
Lecture room showing the students and srg-a40 camera mounted on the wall

Keep pace with the lecturer’s thought process

Students who aren’t attending in person don’t have the same experience of following the lecturer’s enthusiasm and passion as they move around the room. Coupled with our AI-powered Edge Analytics Appliance, unattended PTZ cameras can automatically track teaching staff as they write on the board, face their audience or step forward to answer students’ questions, with no camera operator needed. Students present in the lecture theatre can focus on the presenter’s words without the distraction of additional staff in the room – while remote attendees enjoy the same quality of learning experience as in-person participants.

Give every student a front row seat

Unless they’re sitting in the front few rows of a lecture theatre or large seminar room, students may have a less than perfect view of the lecturer and what they’re presenting. Our BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays offer an extremely wide viewing angle, ensuring that students can see clearly what’s happening at the front of the room. Our latest BZ40L series displays also feature revolutionary Deep Black Non-Glare technology, cutting distracting on-screen reflections for students in brightly-lit rooms.

Lecture room with Bravia professional monitor to show the lecturer and what they’re presenting
Lecture room showing professional-speakers sls-1a and microphone mas-a100

Crisp audio for every space

Students near the back of the room can struggle to hear the presenter’s words in large lecture theatres and auditoriums. Our beamforming microphone with advanced speech reinforcement technology captures every word with crystal clarity for the benefit of students attending in person or online. Our slim, discrete powered line-array speaker system reproduces richly detailed audio: it’s easy to combine multiple speaker systems in larger rooms.

Engaging with remote participants

Lecturers aren’t just addressing students in the room. They also need to maintain engagement with students who are participating remotely in real time from another location. Big, bright professional displays positioned at the back of the lecture theatre or seminar room allow teaching staff to see students who aren’t there in person.

An image shows a remote participant working on the laptop

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Bravia display FW-65BZ40L

65” 4K HDR professional display with very high 700 nit screen brightness. Deep Black Non-Glare technology reduces screen reflections in brightly-lit teaching spaces. Extra-wide viewing angle ensures richly coloured, high contrast images are clearly seen by every student.

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Bravia display FW-85BZ35L

Large 85” 4K HDR professional display with high 550 nit screen brightness. Sony’s power-packed Processor X1 and TRILUMINOS Pro technology faithfully reproduce rich, true-to-life colours, with an extra-wide viewing angle to ensure rich, high-contrast images are clearly seen by every student.

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Sony’s laser projector VPL-PHZ61

Compact laser projector with high 7,000 lumen centre brightness, ideal for creating large images in brightly-lit teaching spaces. Highly reliable with minimal maintenance needs and flexible installation in connected AV environments.

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Edge Analytics Appliance REA-C1000

AI-powered handwriting extraction allows all students to see lecturer’s written text, sketches and diagrams on whiteboard displayed clearly on screens positioned anywhere in lecture theatre.

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PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) autoframing 4K camera uses built-in AI analytics to capture and stream high quality, accurately-composed video of lecturers and presenters without requirement for a camera operator.

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PoV camera SRG-XP1

Compact PoV (point of view) camera with wide field of view captures and streams crisply detailed 4K video of lecturers or students, with no camera operator required.

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PoV camera SRG-XB25

Compact, easy to install box-style camera captures and streams high-resolution 4K video over standard IP networks. Powerful 25x optical zoom lens allows tight close-ups of presenters or students.

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Sony’s MAS-A100 microphone

High quality ceiling mounted microphone simplifies hands-free capture and streaming of lecturer’s words. Ideal for HyFlex learning environments with dual outputs for speech reinforcement in lecture theatre plus separate channel for recording and remote learning.

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Sony’s line-array speaker SLS-1A

Powered line-array speaker ensures presenter’s words are clearly heard by every student, even in large lecture theatres and auditoriums. Clear, rich sound, plus flexible integration with networked AV systems via DANTE interface.

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