Ci Media Cloud Platform

A unified solution for the networked organization

What is Ci?

Sony’s Ci media cloud platform is a media-centric cloud environment with innovative applications that empower media companies with remote teams to leverage the scalability and availability of the cloud to streamline production, editorial, and delivery workflows. Adopted by Hollywood studios, indie filmmakers, television shows, sports and news companies, Ci’s browser-based Workspace application connects people, content, and devices from any location in the world to streamline the creative process. Ci’s growing portfolio of REST APIs enables seamless integration with existing workflows to cost-effectively leverage the scalability and resiliency of the cloud.

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How Ci can help your business

Ci supports the entire media lifecycle — from acquisition and creation through delivery and archive — providing compelling benefits for a wide range of enterprises. Whether you’re a broadcaster, production company or content owner, Ci seamlessly connects your teams and streamlines your workflow.

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Solutions for every workflow


Camera to cloud to final cut, faster.


Eliminate redundant ingest processing while streamlining content preparation.

Content Owners

AI powered search, simple sharing, elastic media processing that scales – endlessly.


Cost-effective storage with browser-based access.

SnapStream and Ci Media Cloud

SnapStream’s flagship TV recording, search, clipping, monitoring and compliance product is directly integrating with Ci. SnapStream enables users to seamlessly send TV clips from SnapStream directly to Ci Workspace where it is instantly available for collaboration and sharing workflows. Key metadata captured in SnapStream is also pushed into Ci to allow seamless searching across both applications.

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Ci MediaLog

Built for productions to reduce costs and content owners to enrich their growing content catalogs. Cloud-native media logging for live events, media enrichment for search and discovery, and detailed analysis for quality control (QC) and compliance workflows.

MediaLog enables capturing timecode-based metadata on video files or import data from 3rd party sources a breeze. Published log entries are instantly ready for search, playback and creating clips for use in social media or any other editorial workflows. All available for live streams as well as file-based workflows.

Ci VideoReview

Collaborative review and approve – with your own live “screening room” experience.

Ci RoughCut

Create clips from videos and stitch together your own cut, then export to your favorite NLE.

Ci ImageReview

Annotate on-frame in a collaborate review session and export notes to PDF.

Ci FileRequest

Collect content and relavant file metadata from anybody, anywhere.

Ci MediaBox

Securely share files (and proxies) to external collaborators with built-in tracking and notifications.

Integrated workflow solutions. Only from Sony.


Sony’s Memnon service offers solutions for planning, digitization, storage and access.

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Ci enables transcoding and storage so your content is always available for editorial or distribution.

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Deliver your latest content directly to your audiences with Ven.ue’s OTT platform.

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Learn how the National Hot Rod Association is working with Sony on cloud-based and media workflow solutions.

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ITN adopts Sony's Ci Media Cloud Platform

TN Productions, is a London-based bespoke production hub producing creative and commercially valuable content for the corporate, commercial, broadcast and digital sectors. Discover how this was implemented and real benefits they are experiencing.

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Have a problem? Ci has a solution

From capture to broadcast to preservation, Ci is built with love by Sony’s media professionals. We understand the “gotchas” and the bottlenecks of creative workflows. Get in touch with our Ci solution consultants today to learn how we can help you improve your workflow so you can Ci (“see”) the bigger picture.

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