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Watch our Asia Pulse webinar replay videos

Hear from our speakers as they share their experience and views on how Sony aids them in optimizing resources, streamlining workflow and empowering them in their storytelling journey.

Sony's Dialogue with Industry Experts

Powers Combined: Sony and Nevion

Discover Sony's end-to-end networked orchestration, powered by Nevion’s Software Defined Network (SDN). Learn how to set up an IP studio to realize the benefits of IP and drive workflow efficiency in every live production application, on any scale.

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Make No Mistakes: Sony’s PVM-X Series

Our 4K professional monitors reveal every detail with unerring accuracy and consistency. We hear from our partners, who will share how the PVM-X series changes and compliment content creation and digital media cinematography production.

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Remote Ready: Sony and Nevion’s solutions supporting IP production in HD/4K

The appetite for workflow efficiency is pushing many broadcasters and production companies to mandate an IP infrastructure for their productions. In this webinar, we discover cost-effective IP upgrade with Sony’s HDCE-TX50/RX50 IP extension adapters and efficient resource sharing with IP Live production systems.

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Empower Storytelling: Sony’s VENICE with Kartik Vijay and Lim Teck Siang

Together with cinematographers Kartik Vijay and Lim Tech Siang, we will discuss how VENICE empowers storytelling for different production needs ranging from filmmaking, commercials to music videos.

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Affordability Matches Versatility: Sony’s XVS-G1

Our XVS-G1 is built on the success of the MVS-3000A and MVS-6530 switchers. We explain why it is the perfect choice for small to mid-size studio, fly-away packs, OB production units and more.

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Powers Combined: Sony’s IP Live with Nevion’s VideolPath

We will demonstrate how Sony's IP Live solutions, together with Nevion’s VideolPath, helps simplifies resource sharing across multiple locations and maximise production resource availability.

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Remote Ready: Sony’s XVS Switchers

Learn about the latest features of our XVS switchers. This session features an online demonstration using the XVS virtual software and we will share how to set up a remote production system effortlessly with XVS family of production switchers.

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Engage Virtually: Sony’s BRC Cameras

Our compact yet powerful BRC series can cover any event in any angle. In this session, we are joined by industry players to discuss the trends of remote applications in response to the change of business environment in the new normal.

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Empower Storytelling: Sony’s FX9 with Alister Chapman

Alister Chapman, cinematographer based in United Kingdom will join us in this session, sharing first-hand experience shooting with the FX9, diving into areas including the full-frame sensor, dual ISO, dual 4K/broadcast HD workflow, and more.

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