Elite Media Technologies secures clients’ trust with BVM-HX310 master monitors

One of the LA area’s leading post production specialists has taken picture quality and consistency to the next level with Sony’s BVM-HX310 31-inch 4K HDR master monitors.

Elite Media external view of corporate building.

How we helped

The Challenge

  • A requirement for highest quality monitoring solution to support wide range of formats and deliverables
  • The need for accurate colour matching, consistent with Elite Media Technologies’ existing BVM-X300 monitors

The Solution

  • Two Sony BVM-HX310 31 inch 4K HDR master monitors used for critical mastering, grading and quality control tasks
  • New monitors complement facility’s existing BVM-X300 models

The Outcome

  • Superb image quality with exceptional colour accuracy and consistency throughout the facility
  • Quick, intuitive workflow for operators
  • High levels of client confidence & satisfaction

The BVM-HX310 is our benchmark. We rely on the monitor to identify any content related issues and rule out artifacts or anomalies being introduced from lesser quality displays.

Jason Altman
Vice President of Business Development & Operations, Elite Media Technologies

Leading the way in high-end post production services

Based in Santa Clarita, California, Elite Media Technologies provides end-to-end post production services including colour grading, mastering, quality control, restoration, archive and distribution. Working with some of entertainment industry’s biggest names, the Elite team offers clients an impeccable mix of engineering talent, advanced technology and creative passion.

Interior of Elite Media AV suite. Rear view of Jason Altman and Nick Mairose, operating a video mixing desk.

The consistently trusted choice

Elite Media has added two Sony BVM-HX310 31-inch 4K HDR master monitors to complement its existing BVM-X300 30-inch reference monitors. Used for critical mastering and quality control (QC) applications, the new monitors expand Elite’s HDR capabilities with up to 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness, support for wider colour gamuts and a huge 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. In addition, precise colour matching with Elite’s X300 monitors ensures exceptional accurate, consistent colour reproduction throughout the facility.

Staying ahead of the curve

The Elite Media team values the picture quality and stability of the BVM-HX310, together with its flexibility to support multiple formats and deliverables. “We use the BVM-HX310 for HDR, SDR 4K, UHD, 2K and HD colour grading, as well as quality control and restoration”, explains Elite’s President and CEO Nick Mairose. “The monitors allow us to offer new services and gain a competitive edge by keeping us ahead of the technology curve – from evolving resolutions to frame rates and colour spaces.”

Interior of Elite Media AV suite. Portrait of Jason Altman and Nick Mairose, seated in front of a mixing desk.
Mixing desk within edit suite. Large viewing monitor, centrally framed, shows dark wallpaper - two smaller monitors at either side run applications. Male operator is seated in the immediate foreground, facing the desk.

Stand-out picture quality and friendly workflow

Elite’s final decision was made after carefully evaluating the BVM-HX310 against several competing 4K HDR monitors. “What stood out was its superior image quality, accurate and stable colour reproduction – plus quad link so we can easily have 4K and UHD routing to every bay in the facility”, says Mairose. “Another highlight is the monitor’s presets that allow us to switch between different situations without needing to go through menus. Being able to create multiple presets makes it quicker to set up, integrate and switch standards, colour spaces and resolutions at the push of a button.”

Better for operators, better for clients

Response to the new monitors at Elite has been universally positive. “Everyone from clients to operators notices the exceptional image quality and dynamic colour range”, states Mairose. “They also aid in finding pixel related issues and artifacts, especially when mastering shows. They offer us an accurate experience that mirrors what the consumer would see.”

“From a mastering QC standpoint, there are elements shown on the Sony displays that we didn’t necessarily have insight into with past displays”, notes Jason Altman, Vice President of Business Development & Operations. “In terms of quality and precision, we’re able to identify issues with greater ease, which is a benefit to our clients.”

“When a client comes into the building, walks into a bay and sees either of the Sony BVM monitors, they recognise that these are the broadcast industry standard monitors”, confirms Altman. “With that, comes a comfort level and trust from our clients and an expectation of quality and expertise.”