ZRCT-200 (ZRCT200)

Display Controller

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Control up to 72 ZRD-1 Display Units to create immersive multi-screen visual displays
This Display Controller is intended for operation with the ZRD-1 Display Unit (available separately). The complete system is managed via Display Control Software (application for Windows PC).

The rackmounting ZRCT-200 controls multiple ZRD-1 Display Units that can be 'tiled' seamlessly to create super-size displays of virtually any dimensions or aspect ratio. Each ZRCT-200 can control up to 72 ZRD-1 display units, via a total of twelve network ports on the rear of the controller (each connecting to six ZRD-1 units).

In addition, up to 20 ZRCT-200 Display Controllers can be synchronised (via CAT5 network cable connection) to create extremely large-scale displays. For example, a total of 1,440 ZRD-1 Display Units (120 units horizontally x 12 units vertically) can be managed using 20 synchronised ZRCT-200 controllers to create a super-size display measuring approximately 48.4m (H) x 5.4m (V), with a total resolution of 38,000 x 4,320 pixels.

Input terminals on the rear of the controller are provided as DVI-D (Single Link x4) and DisplayPort (DPI.2 x 2) for connection to a video source. A dedicated USB port on the controller's front panel is provided for maintenance.

Running on a standard Windows PC, Display Control Software manages these main system functions:

- System power on/standby and status
- Input signal select
- Picture control (contrast, brightness, gamma, colour space, colour temperature)
- System settings (including display brightness mode, fan mode, burn-in correction, temperature correction, network, system update).