Media Solutions Toolkit

A suite of cloud-native microservices, designed for agility.

A modular approach to agile business

Manage content, data, workflows, devices and more—with an entire system designed precisely for your business. Our Media Solutions Toolkit offers a library of cloud-native microservices that can combine, scale and deploy across cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.

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Flexible in every way

Combine different microservices to create an entire workflow, from ingest to analytics, storage and more. You even have a range of deployment and payment options, so you can keep your business agile.

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Designed specifically for your needs

Our experts will select the right microservices to build your ideal system, at the scale you need. We can even integrate third-party components, to make the most of what you already have. Because your needs could change over time, so can your toolkit: add microservices as you need to and scale each one independently. No commitment to a fixed set of functions means better ROI and a lower TCO.

More control

There’s no need to overhaul your existing infrastructure, as your Media Solutions Toolkit can deploy on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid set-up. And since each microservice operates independently, updates to one service won’t affect the others, making your whole system more resilient and adaptable. You have complete control over your resources, your costs and your media.

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Media Solutions Toolkit

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Meet our cloud-native microservices:

Ingest Management Service

Set automatic rules and processes to manage the ingesting of files, streams and metadata.

Workflow Management Service

Make sure your teams can work efficiently and effectively, with clear orchestration of the entire production chain.

Volume Management Service

Manage content across all of your storage resources, whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud.

Content Management Service

Easily search and handle content across the business, wherever you’re working.

Content Analysis Service

Enrich your content through automated analytics that add to the metadata, from auto-tagging media to object recognition in footage.

Data and Monitoring Service

Gain a clear picture of how your media is accessed and used, with logs, metrics and system reports.

User Management Service

Control access to specific folders or entire systems, for groups and individuals, and make sure your assets are secure.

A workflow for automated highlights

Our Ingest Management Service can take ISO and PGM Out feeds and combine them with external metadata. Your team can then search, preview and work with the video through our Content Management Service. Meanwhile, our Content Analysis Service uses Machine Learning to create metadata for all your content and files and our Workflow Management Service automatically makes highlight clips for social media.

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