SZC-4002 / SZC-4002M / SZC-4002W (SZC4002 / SZC-4002M / SZC-4002W)

HFR Upgrade for F65, F55 and HDC-4300
Image of the following product: SZC-4002 / SZC-4002M / SZC-4002W


The SZC-4002, SZC-4002M and SZC-4002W are the software licenses of HFR Software with the BPU-4000 or BPU-4500 series (including BPU-4500A) Baseband Processor Units.
Installing SZC-4002, SZC-4002M and SZC-4002W on the BPU-4000 or BPU-4500 series (including BPU-4500A) enables High Frame Rate format output, when connected to a PMW-F55 Solid-State Memory Camcorder or F65 Digital Motion Picture Camera or HDC-4300 Color Camera, allowing you to transfer and perform signal processing of HFR images.

The licenses give you a high level of flexibility to purchase the equipment you want, when you want it, with the confidence your baseband processor unit is future-proofed for changing demands.

The SZC-4002 can be permanently used.
The SZC-4002M can be used for 30 days.
The SZC-4002W can be used for 7 days.
Activation key for pre-installed software.