The Falcon: A short film

Alister Chapman demonstrates key features of the FS5 in a stunning new video with a revealing behind-the-scenes featurette explaining exactly how he did it.

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Filmed and edited in two days as part of the FS5 launch event in Dubai, this short film by Alister Chapman shows what can be achieved with the PXW-FS5, using many of its key features to achieve a variety of impressive sequences. Many shots make use of the Super Slow Motion mode, shooting at 240fps. Others take advantage of the camera’s exceptional lightweight with the FS5 being mounted on a DJI Romin M gimbal. Time-lapse shots used S&Q motion shooting at 1fps, often with a 1 second shutter. Alister also used a mix of Cinegamma 3 and S-Log2, switching between them as needed to achieve the required dynamic range. Lenses used include the Sony 18-105mm, Zeiss Loxia 35mm and 50mm, plus a third-party 18-250mm and also a 18-35mm Art lens on an Fotga E-Mount tilt adapter.

In the below English-only video, Alister takes us on set during the two-day production, showing how he went about creating the look of the film using the FS5.

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Additional information

Alister Chapman is a veteran broadcast cameraman with 20 years of experience and runs his own company, Ingenious, which is a one-stop shop for video production, TV production and multimedia. The opinions expressed in this article represent those of the individual author who is independent of the Sony Group of Companies. Accordingly the contents of this article do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of Sony Corporation or its subsidiary companies.