Philip Bloom shoots with FS5

Award-winning filmmaker Philip Bloom provides his hands-on impressions of Sony’s new PXW-FS5 camcorder and illustrates the quality of video it can produce with a mini-documentary on the amazing work provided by a local craftsman.

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Creativity without limits

“The appeal of the FS5 for me is a potential B camera to my FS7,” Bloom says, “something smaller, but very similar. And the best way to assess whether a camera could be a good B camera? Well, that’s to try it out as an A camera… (with) an interesting story to take advantage of the many features of the camera, such as the cached high frame rate mode, 4K for my interviews.”

A smaller, lighter camera with similar features (to the FS7), that really interests me.

Philip Bloom
Award-winning filmmaker

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is an award-winning filmmaker who, for the past nine years of his 26-year career has specialised in creating incredible cinematic images. He’s worked for all major UK broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, C4 and Sky, as well as countless independent production companies and others around the world including CNN, CBS, Discovery, FOX and NBC. He’s constantly stretching his creative abilities and experimenting with new technologies, from 4K to drones. Philip’s huge social media following helps and educates thousands of filmmakers at all skill levels.