Three 2/3-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensor HD colour studio camera
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Industry leading HD HDR and 1080 progressive signals

With support for extensive imaging possibilities including HD HDR and 1080p, the HXC-FB80 provides a highly cost-effective solution to realise the exciting opportunities of professional live production.

Two HXC-FB80 cameras filming an audience with a woman on the stage in front of the audience, cameras at the back

Seamless integration in live environments

The HXC-FB80 camera system offers extensive signal and control interfaces, allowing smooth integration with other Sony remote camera systems. Complementing a wide range of live and studio-based workflows, the versatile HXC-FB80 is ideal for applications including live streaming and events production.

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Always beautiful images

The HXC-FB80 camera system also delivers up-scaled 4K signals, allowing content creators to take full advantage of today’s HD and feature’s UHD workflows.

Three 2/3-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors above a sea of hands reaching upwards

Three 2/3-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors

The HXC-FB80 features three highly efficient 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors that capture very high quality Full HD pictures, with an optimal balance between colour quality and on-site operational efficiency. Delivering impressive sensitivity for excellent signal-to-noise performance in low light environments, the camera’s triple 2/3-inch CMOS sensor configuration is also an ideal match for your collection of B4 mount lenses.

HD HDR and 1080/60p keep pace with the action

Combined with the HXCU-FB80 4K/HD Camera Control Unit, the HXC-FB80 adds HD HDR support (HLG, Hybrid Log-Gamma)*. Teamed with 1080/60p acquisition, it’s ideal for capturing sports and other fast-paced action in sports stadia and other environments with strong contrast in lighting, from bright sunshine to deep shadow.
* Supported with HXCU-FB80 CCU; requires firmware upgrade.

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4K upscaling future-proofs your content

Bring even more value to all your live productions with 4K upscaling. Adding the HXCU-FB80 Camera Control Unit lets the HXC-FB80 output 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) images via 12G-SDI and Quad 3G-SDI outputs – ideal for creating future-proofed content in Ultra HD.

Software remote controller for multi camera operation

Ideal for everyday production applications, HZC-RCP5 remote control software allows cost-effective configuration of a live 5-camera system. Enjoy more creative options with many advanced features familiar to Sony’s high-end HDC-series camera users, including rich paint functions – such as Detail, Matrix and Knee functions in live operation.

HD studios - simple, straightforward and powerful

As well as meeting the basic requirements for day-to-day production, the HXC-FB80 offers many refinements that expand its appeal even further. A choice of hybrid fibre cable or single mode fibre cable connections adds production flexibility without requiring modification of your current intrastructure. HD Trunk allows signals from a second camera to be passed through the same fibre connection to the CCU. Up to five camera systems can be operated remotely via a LAN connection using HZC-RCP5 control software. Settings for each camera can be adjusted independently via the intuitive GUI that allows easy control of shading, colouring and other functions.

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Live events - even more freedom to cover live events

The HXC-FB80 delivers impressive creative flexibility and dependable operation in a wide range of live applications, from live concerts to game shows and public events. The camera’s triple 2/3-inch CMOS sensor captures immersive images with high sensitivity and faithful colour reproduction. HD HDR effortlessly accommodates various lighting environments, while 4K upscaling offers even greater production versatility.

A basketball court with a seated audience and their arms in the air

Sports events - HD progressive shooting for smooth, crisp images

An ideal partner for live sports, the HXC-FB80 shoots crisp 1080p footage to capture fast-paced action. In addition, the camera’s impressive sensitivity and HD HDR capability accommodates rapid changes between on-pitch sunshine and deep shadows. Shading control – including remote adjustment of both optical and neutral density filters and colouring – can be achieved from a remote control panel. Integration in live sports environments is simplified with extensive interface options: plug-and-play fibre connection ensures fast, fuss-free setup

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HXC-FB80 camera model options

Camera body only model.


Camera body, lens kit, viewfinder and microphone included.


Camera body, lens kit and large viewfinder included.

The HXC-FB80 comes as standard with Neutrik Opticon connectors within USA and Canada, but may be converted to LEMO on request.

* Not available in China

HXCU-FB80 camera control unit model options

The HXCU-FB80 is supplied with either Neutrik (HXCU-FB80N) or LEMO connectors (HXC-FB80L).