Digital triax Camera Control Unit for HXC-D70
Image of the following product: HXCU-TX70


Enables control of camcorders via CA-TX70 digital triax adaptor

The HXCU-TX70 digital triax Camera Control Unit (CCU) for HXC-D70 connects via the CA-TX70 digital triax camera adaptor. The CCU allows you to control the HXC-D70 up to a maximum distance of 1200 meters, including the power and signals of Tally, Intercom, Video Return and also Prompter.


Digital triax connection

The HXCU-TX70 , working with the CA-TX70, helps ensure the best picture quality and easy integration of the HXC-D70 using conventional triax infrastructure up to a maximum distance 1200 mt. with 14.5mm cable and 600 mt with 8.5mm cable.

Connection for all signals

The HXCU-TX70 and CA-TX70 provide flexible integration and the possibility to extend the operation with all signals (Tally, Intercom, Video Return and Prompter) in full HD.

Selectable outputs

The HXCU-FB70 features 4x selectable SD/HD-SDI outputs plus analogue VBS and component, HDMI and S-Video outputs.

Compatible with RCP-1xxx Series remote control panels and RCP software

The HXCU-TX70 allows you to use the popular RCP-1xxx Series remote control panels that well known on all HD system cameras. You are also able to lower the cost of the system by using HZC-RCP5 (PC-RCP) to network and display your parameters on a big screen.

Operates with CA-TX70 and HKCU-FP2

The HXCU-TX70 works seamlessly with the CA-TX70 digital triax adaptor. The HKCU-FP2 optional front control panel can be attached onto the HXCU-TX70.