Wireless transmission adaptor for HDC-5500 and HDC-3500


HKC-WL50, wireless transmission adaptor is a dedicated side panel option for HDC-5500 and HDC-3500.
*Dedicated battery mount adaptor is included.


Compact body & balanced weight
HKC-WL50 enables wireless transmission capability, inside the camera body. The compact body and well-balanced design reduces the burden on camera operators during long shoots and operation in the field.
4K wireless transmission
HDC-5500 can output 4K wireless signal and HDC-3500 is also capable of 4K wireless output when the HKC-WL50 and 4K software license are HZC-UHD50 are installed.
Seamless integration with wireless solution vendors
HKC-WL50 is already integrated with several 3rd party wireless solutions. Please contact your sales representative for the more information.
Easy side panel exchange
The HKC-WL50 is one of various side panel options for HDC-5500 and HDC-3500. It can be exchanged for another side panel such as fibre or triax transmission.