5-inch LCD colour viewfinder for HXC-D70 system camera
Image of the following product: DXF-C50WA


Ideal for live shooting applications

The DXF-C50WA is a 5-inch LCD colour viewfinder for the HXC-D70 SD / HD system camera. It is the successor model to the DXF-C50W and maintains the same compatibility and functionality for the PMW-320, PMW-350 and PMW-400 XDCAM solid state camcorders. But it only displays HD pictures from the camera when working with the HXC-D70.


Offers wide viewing angle

The DXF-C50WA has an IPS-LCD panel for an ultra-wide viewing angle.

Focus assist functions

The DXF-C50WA has image magnification and peaking plus functions to assist with focusing.

Assignable settings

The viewfinder allows brightness, contrast, peaking and chroma levels to be pre-selected and assigned to a switch or menu item.