LKRL-A502 (LKRLA502)Discontinued

3D Projection Lens (1.03:1 to 1.85:1)


Sony 3D system extends choice in the cinema market
To further expand the choice for cinema operators Sony has introduced its 3D system employing the unique 3D dual lens in combination with Sony 3D polarising filters.

Unlike other systems, Sony Digital Cinema 4K projectors show two images simultaneously. This means triple-flash artefacts are eliminated and motion effects and judder are dramatically reduced, even in high-paced action sequences. The result is a spectacular, immersive 3D experience that will bring audiences back for every new 3D release.


Studio approved 3D system
Deliver sensational easy-on-the-eye 3D pictures to your customers
Excellent brightness performance
Minimal ghosting when used with approved glasses